View Full Version : Colts new Bolt action 308

Lee Carpentieri
June 28, 2013, 01:53

Eric Bryant
June 28, 2013, 09:56
That thing had better be damn good, considering that a similar amount of money (plus/minus a few hundred bucks) would buy one of the following:

1) Accuracy International AE
2) Sako TRG-22
3) Base rifle from GA Precision
4) Remington 700 5R, AICS chassis or Manners stock with "mini chassis", and a nice mid-range optic

... or several other custom rigs.

But the Colt fanboys should be happy.

June 28, 2013, 14:26
That thing looks pretty bad-ass.

Not that I can afford it, or that I have any use for it if I could afford it.


June 28, 2013, 20:08
HUMMmmm- I think that was a Movie prop On the series --=Firefly!!

June 29, 2013, 07:26
A little irony there. Every other gun company makes a "me too tacticool" version of the AR15 originally from Colt. Now Colt make a "me too tacticool" version of a precision rifle.