View Full Version : Sig P938 issues

June 14, 2013, 17:35
Ok let me start with I am a huge Sig fan, If I had more money I would have more Sig's. I recently replaced my P238 with a P938. my P238 was my only .380 so It made sence to go for the bigger 9mm round as the pistols are almost the same size. Now come the down sides the ambidextrous safety blows, it rubs my hand on the other side. Also they still have not updated the trigger? I thought for sure they would fix that, but oh no they left that plastice piece of $h*t. all of this can be fixed as I just need to send it off to a Sig Gun Smith and they can install and aluminum trigger and one side safety from a Colt Mustang and you are good to go! Problem is I have yet to locate a local Sig gun Smith I need to do some research, now come the next issue, I had waited for a little while to make sure there was no first batch issues that needed to be worked out and sure enuff good thing as I have heard of a few early issues with FTF FTE and stove pipes so on. So I bought mine and went out to the range 300 rounds no issues, GREAT I WIN! next trip another 300 rounds no issues even better. Swung by the range that I am a member was shooting my Sig P6. Decided to throw a few down range from the back pocket P938, and ohh no Failure to stay open after last round. Next mag was fine. next mag after that Failure to stay open after last round. Every other Magazine. Any one else had this issue? and How do I find a Sig Gun smith in my area call Sig? or does any one know of one in the greater Seattle area? thanks72039