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Mark IV
June 12, 2013, 18:32
Today I received my Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrel for my Glock 23. It appears very well made, extends beyond the slide about 3/16" but that's no problem.

It fit into the slide with no fitting and no spots rubbing against the slide. The feed ramp is polished nicely and looks like it will feed anything.

When I shoot it I'll report back with a range report.

Anyone have experience with LW barrels?

June 13, 2013, 01:07
I have never heard anything bad about them and for the most part they are drop ins with little fiddling needed.... I am going to try LW's for my G35 and G24.. along with the 357 sig barrel conversions.... have to 'be flexible' :biggrin::biggrin:

Please do give a rating on it.... regarding the mags I saw posted in the other thread, i have run both 9/40 with no issues... the 357 has a different follower but I will also try it with my 9/40 mags and see... the mag bodies are all the same,just the followers are different...:biggrin:

Mark IV
June 13, 2013, 08:33
The 9mm mag follower is different from the .40, but doesn't seem to be a factor. I'll know for sure when I do some shooting with the 9mm mags and .40 mags.

June 27, 2013, 11:28
bought a .40 cal conversion barrel for my Glock 32 in 357 sig. takes less that 2 minutes to swap barrels. mags for .40 and 357 sig are the same. no loss in accuracy.

June 27, 2013, 22:04
Have you tried to eject any cases manually yet. The reason I ask is the 9mm and the 40 have different ejectors. The 40 ejector is straight and the 9mm is slightly bent to make up for the dif in case sizes. It may work alright, but I do not know first hand. As the the LW barrels, they have treated me fine with my 357sig conversion on my 23. BTW if an ejector swap is necessary it is a pretty cheap and easy to do swap.

Here is a pic stolen from Google to illustrate the differences. The 40cal are on the left and the 9mm are the two on the right.


Timber Wolf
June 28, 2013, 10:12
I would be interested to know how it runs as I am considering one for my G23. I have a Stormlake 9mm in a .40 barrel for my 4.5 XDm and it runs prefectly with 9mm mags. It may also work with .40 mags but I have never tried it. I also have Lone Wolf 9mm in a .40 barrel for my 3.8 XDm but have not tried it yet. So many guns, so little time (and ammo).

June 28, 2013, 11:35
I have two lone wolf barrels for my glock 20. One is a .40cal conversion and the other is an extended 5.5in 10mm barrel. The 10mm barrel allows me to safely run my backcountry sd ammo - doubletap 200gr hardcast - and not wreck my factory barrel.

The only issue ive run into is that conversion is based on case width being the same...10mm and .40sw are the same diameter. They are not the same length though. So the only issue Ive run into, and this has NOT caused me a single ftf, just been warned about it, is making sure the .40cal rounds are fully seated to the rear of the magazine. In theory, although this hasn't happened to me yet, a .40cal bullet could snug up under the extended feed ramp of the conversion barrel and fail to feed. This issue may or may not be present in the other conversion situations, I couldn't say, just the only issue im aware of.

June 29, 2013, 10:58
Consider a KKM barrel >> http://www.kkmprecision.com/shopping-cart/?func=order&frompage=cat&cat=G

They have a very good reputation. :]

June 29, 2013, 16:25
I have been running a 9mm conversion barrel in my G22 for some time now. Using G17 mags and functioning flawlessly.