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June 12, 2013, 08:19
Howdy All,

I just bought and received one of the CZ 70's AIM had last week (they're sold out as I write this), it was advertized as a CZ 70 but packed in a CZ 50 box. Both the box and test target share the same serial number as the pistol. The pistol pictured on the box looks just like the pistol that came in the box. Are there significant differences between the two?

Put six mags through her last night, 48 rounds of Remington green box ball, no problems and accurate, but uncomfortable grip for my hands with a sharp, snappy little recoil. Let's just say, while I like it and bought it for the old Cold War days nostalgia of it saying Czechoslovakia on it, etc, but it ain't gonna be replacing any of my carry guns.

June 12, 2013, 12:31
I also picked up one of these vz70 pistols shipped in the vz50 boxes (as AIM claimed they would be packaged).

The info that I have found on differences between the vz50 and the vz70 suggests that some slight changes were made to address original reliability issues with the vz50. Then, sources go on to mention finish, grip panel and slightly different safety changes, which don't sound like changes to increase reliability to me. Some vz50 pistols were 'reworked' to vz70 'standard,' with also new production occurring (of which the one I received, absolutely new with a beautiful bore, clearly is...).

The vz70 grip panels are uglier than the original vz50 ones (in terms of look), but are reasonably comfortable in the hand. The trigger leaves a lot to be desired, which is a claim that can be made for most of this type of 'pocket' pistol.

I'm quite happy with the one that I received from AIM...


June 12, 2013, 14:38

I'm happy with mine too, overall. Did your have any scratches on it? Mine had fine scratches on the front strap, and one on the side of the slide.

June 12, 2013, 15:26
MIne looks new, with a couple of tiny 'dings' in the finish on the frame in front of the trigger guard and on the trigger guard.

I also notice that the slide serrations (retracting grooves) on the left rear of the slide show that the forging was not quite fat enough before machining the grooves to have the outside surface of the grooves even with the machined (and polished) surface of the rest of the slide (just above the frame mounted safety lever). But, it is what it is, and that's a minor point given what it is... :) The bluing is quite nice...


By the way, SN D964xx, for what it's worth...

June 12, 2013, 15:41
Yes, even with the few little handling marks mine is still quite nice, especially for the low price. By the way, I usually shoot traditional DA/SA guns in single action only. I tried a pull on the double action of this gun, and could hardly get the trigger to budge. After that I cocked it and fired single action exclusively. I also noticed that the safety is NOT a hammer drop, so you can carry the gun cocked and locked if desired.

Mine is proofed 71, the serial number is D 967XX.

You get a shoulder holster rig?

June 12, 2013, 16:29
I wonder if no decocker was part of the change from vz50 to vz70. All the instructions/manuals that I have seen (stevespages has the 8 page CAI one) claim that all the way up is fire, cover the red dot is safe, and all the way down drops the hammer. While I didn't stand on the safety lever (since I haven't pulled the gun apart enough to check out what's going on mechanically and I didn't want to break anything by being too ham-handed), it didn't drop the hammer on mine either.

Yes, I shoot these guns single-action too. Trying double action quickly tells you why... :)

And, yes, I did get a new shoulder holster too, which was unexpected...