View Full Version : trick for FAL HB bipod assembly.

June 06, 2013, 23:07
I'm a newbie and finding out the tricky things about the FAL. I offer this to other newbies because I have not seen this question on this board (although I have not yet figured out how to search the archives) and it might help someone else.

I picked up my new toy today, a LaFrance FAL built with a very nice Israeli kit. The only part that was ugly was the bipod so in anticipation of the arrival I'd bought a spare. I intended to remove the legs and switch new for pitted but after taking both apart, I found that reassembling the best legs with the spring in place was too tough for me. I simply could not force both legs into place against the pressure of the spring long enough to install the bolt to hold them.

My solution was to assemble the legs without the spring, but then I found it difficult to get the spring bent enough to get into place. Finally, I looped a string through both ends of the spring and pulled it into a U. I compressed the U into a C with vise grips, and retied the string to hold the ends, got a new purchase and compressed the C shaped spring until the ends were close together and retied the string tightly. I was then able to put both ends into their sockets and cut the string. A little pushing and the spring snapped into place.

If anyone has an easier way to do this please post for the next person who tries to reassemble an HB bipod.
Dave O'Neill