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June 01, 2013, 23:20
So I scored a H&R Leatherneck model 151 .22 with a vintage scope. I have yet to figure out what year it was made. If any one knows how to find out please share. It is missing the buttplate, and the original Redfield model 70 peep sight, but does have a period correct scope. As far as I know the rifle had not been shot in over 25 years. It had been missing the magazine. I just found one, and went to the range. I did not adjust it one bit and it shoots dead nuts groups. My plan is to fix it up for my sons first full size .22 some day. In others words dads new toy to play with. I will upload some pics of the rifle later but here is the first five shots. Not bad for standing position and 30 yards. 71866

June 02, 2013, 18:09

Pics of the rifle does any one know how to find out year of production?

June 02, 2013, 18:10

June 02, 2013, 18:12


June 15, 2013, 10:23
This rifle was a descendant of the Reising Model 50 which was built for the
Marine Corps in WW2. They made a training rifle for it the Model 65 Reising.
I have that one and the later one that was used to train the Marines for the M14 which
was the MC58. Your rifle was assembled from surplus parts from these rifles
in the '60s. Numerich Arms bought most of these parts from H&R and had been assembling what appeared to be Model 65's but the SN's are all too late
too have been WW2 production.

Sarco had some parts listed for these the last time I looked. Interest in these
older 22's sort of died around 5 years ago for some reason. I still have a
bunch of them in the safe.