View Full Version : Question about .22 Remington Autoloader

Jolly Rodgers
February 26, 2013, 15:15
I've got a .22 Remington Autoloader model 16a that I have a question about. It has a threaded muzzle and came with a canvas and leather carrying case with pockets for each part, including a muzzle device. I don't have the muzzle device, and the person I got it from who acquired it in the 1940's never had it either.

According to the Remington documentation, this model doesn't appear to have come with a threaded muzzle version. Would the case and muzzle device have been an aftermarket addition? Or, is this a different model than the 16 altogether?

Jolly Rodgers
February 26, 2013, 21:27
Yes. That's definitely the gun, except for the threaded muzzle. It could have been aftermarket customization, but the case is what throws me off. I suppose it could have been a custom item, too. Sadly, the previous owner kept it in a damp garage and the case rotted and fell apart on me. The gun has some coin sized rust spots and some of the screws are rusted into the action, but it still fires. It will shoot .22lr, but it won't autoload them. I have a couple hundred rounds of the ammo it actually takes, but that crap is going for as much as $300 for 50 rounds so I don't shoot it.

I should probably have the gun restored and just sell it to a collector, but guns are like books. I collect them and can't bring myself to let them go.

February 27, 2013, 20:31
I collected Remington 22s for 34 years. The 16A is/was a nice rifle, another brainchild of John Moses Browning(dunno who the guy is in the Remington page listed above). The 22 Rem Auto was a competitor to Winchester`s 22 Win Spcl, but at least you can still buy 22WS if you look hard enough.

Some 16A`s will cycle 22lr, most will not. The 22RA has a fatter case, so the lr case swells and won`t exert enough rearward energy to cycle the bolt.
If you are going to sell it, don`t refinish it. The collector market for these rifles is tight, and most "collectors" won`t buy refinished rifles anyway. There is no real "common" market for them as you know, mainly due to the ammo situation you speak of.

I`m in the process of liquidating my collection, and am asking $500 for a near mint 16A. I have had one guy look at it, and he turned it down because of the ammo.(thought it was 22lr until I informed him otherwise, lol) Soooo, I`m seriously considering keeping it and sleeving the bore for 22lr. To do it yourself isn`t too expensive, and not too hard if you have the tools. It will kill the collector value, but at least I`ll have a neat little rifle that is cheap to shoot!