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February 14, 2013, 21:16
Let me start with, I'm not a shotgun guy. I don't know jack!

I traded into this gun. A friend of mine has a daughter that wants to shoot skeet and he asked me if I would loan her this gun. Of course I said yes. Before he picked it up I oiled it down and noticed that it had a rifled barrel.

My questions are:
Is this gun any good for a beginner kid skeet shooter?
If they do want it, what's a fair market value for the gun in like new condition? I figure I'll drop the price a bit for his daughter from fair market value as we are friends and she's a great kid.


February 15, 2013, 09:22
A couple of comments. First, the rifled barrel is not what you want for clay targets or shooting shot loads of any kind. Also, I am not sure that you are aware that there is a difference between skeet and trap. In a round of skeet, (25 shots) there are a number of doubles - two clay pigeons which are launched nearly simultaneously - which would require rapid operation of the pump action shotgun. A pump action shotgun may be a bit discouraging for a beginner shooter. Most trap games do not require doubles so it is easier to deal with a pump shotgun while playing. So, if it is trap shooting, the Winchester 120 with the correct barrel (usually a modified or full choke) would be fine.

February 16, 2013, 23:18
my first shotgun was (is!) a winchester 120. still have it. I received it at 14 and promptly enrolled in the local gun club , tried skeet and trap and it was a great gun. I did have more fun doing trap than skeet at that age. i also learned why you use bird shot and not no4 high brass to shoot a round of 25 lol

mine is not rifled and if you try to disassemble the bolt ... pieces go flying everywhere

February 17, 2013, 00:05
Your friend will have to get a smooth bore bbl. You will waste pellet loads firing them in a rifled tube. The payload will yaw, that is; spin in an ever widening spiral and dissipate and be be useless in a very short distance.

daimok,,,No.4 shot is bird shot. Useful for birds as turkeys, ducks (or it used to be), long shots on pheasants. For squirrels in the tree tops, and home defense it is useful as well, and then referred to as 'micro' buckshot,,,:smile: