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Hebrew Battle Rifle
February 13, 2013, 05:24
Today I took an opportunity to go to the range and give my new COLT a proper shake down cruise. In addition, I took my GSG1911, my Browning Buck Mark, and a Henry Lever Carbine. I have previously posted my disappointments with the GSG1911. I decided that I would give it an honest run and shoot it as if it were the first time out of the box. I brought the Browning to give the other two pistols a benchmark by which to be judged. I also wanted to give my shooting skills a benchmark. If I sucked with all three pistols, then I would know that it is me and not the ammo or guns that were at fault.

Here are pics of the targets:
The disks are 3 inches in diameter and set 15 yards down range. Wind was insignificant and the sky was overcast. Temps were in the high 60s.
You can reasonably reduce these groups sizes by half to eliminate the influence of my lack of shooting skills .


As you can see, neither of the two "1911" .22LR pistols outperformed the other. Both function 100% with all ammo shot and both produced essentially identical groups. The COLT had a slight edge with CCI Mini Mag LR and Federal Value Pack 36 gr JHPs, but honestly, I would hate to have to live on the difference. For Saturday afternoon plinkers, there is no difference.
Both of the "1911" pistols are outclassed by the BuckMark. Not only in accuracy, but in overall quality as well. The Buck Mark is a much better made pistol than either the COLT or GSG. The Buck Mark is a robust firearm where the COLT and GSG feel "dainty." The only thing that the COLT or GSG has over the Buck Mark is as a training aid for a 1911 shooter. Other than that, the Buck Mark outshines both and for less money. Additionally, replacement mags for the Buck Mark are far easier to get than for the GSG.
Actually, there is one area that the "1911s'' out do the Buck Mark. Both of the 1911 are threaded for suppressors. All three shot the Aguila sub sonic ammo fairly well and all three functioned properly with this ammo. So, if one is so inclined, the "1911s" would be the choice for suppressing. The barrel mounting set up on the 1911s is plenty sturdy for supporting a can.

In case there is interest, these are pics of the rifle targets:
The Mini Mag target has 10 bullet holes in it.

The Aguila Sub Sonic 60 gr ammo keyholed in the rifle

ETA: I took my COLT 22 out to do some concealed carry training this afternoon and discovered that I really had fun shooting this pistol.

February 13, 2013, 13:14
"Both of the "1911" pistols are outclassed by the BuckMark."

Tha's all I need to know! :biggrin:

Got mine in 1990. :love:

I do like the looks of the Colt, being a 1911 and all.