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January 30, 2013, 15:50
Figured while I wait on funds for a Type III I could make a few posts on things I've done/built. This rifle was conceived by myself and a number of members on rimfirecentral.com. A good friend and valued contributor was feeling ill and down in the dumps for awhile so we built him a cheer up present.

I donated the Bubinga for the stock. Green Mountain donated the barrel, Mueller the scope, and a host of others parts and pieces. A member did a headspace and bolt jewell. I turned the charging handle, and did a torsion spring trigger job with a Volquartsen kit.

We wanted a factory looking rifle for our "Super Stock" games. This presented a problem for stock carving as no one wanted to give up a "DSP" style stock for pattern. I wrote ruger an actual letter and they took care of me. Milling, sanding, finishing, and checkering my piece of bubinga.

On last test the rifle is producing groups under .050" at 25 yards and runs around 1/2' at 100. The stock has since turned a beautiful reddish purple in the sun, and the owner couldn't be happier. I didn't make one red cent, and neither did anyone else, but it was the most rewarding work I ever did.









I got bored shortly after so I built one for dad for father's day last year as well.


L Haney
January 30, 2013, 17:33
You guys are incredible. :bow: