View Full Version : New sig p226 rtss

January 15, 2013, 17:50
Just bought a new p226 rtss. I love the steel frame. It feels way better than my poly framed handguns. I will post pics tonight when I get home. I had a question for other p226 owners out there. I noticed my ejector is loose. It wiggles a bit.it is pinned and everything is secured but it wiggles a bit if you touch with your finger. I called sig and they said it was normal but wanted to check with owners themselves too. Is this common like sig said. Also I wanted to check and make sure that it is normal wear to have a scratch forming under the decoker and if it is normal to have the frame get chipped or scuffed up a bit where the decocker hits when it travels to the top when you release it and hits the frame. Thanks for any input.

January 15, 2013, 20:01
Here it is. I think I did pretty good. Five 12 round mags plus the sig for under 900.