View Full Version : Tried to buy another Glock, yes I did

Timber Wolf
January 14, 2013, 10:26
As I posted in a thread entitled “I bought a Glock, yes I did” I recently won a lightly used G23 on GB. It came and I am very happy with it for the price. I was in one of the better, as in more reasonable, gun shops last Friday looking for reloading supplies, and they had a Glock factory refurb RTF2 G22 in box with loader & two hi-caps. I had an RTF2 G22 a while back that I got cheap in a trade and liked it better than the standard G22 I used to have but eventually traded it straight across for a nice 4” P&R S&W 19-3. This current RTF2 G22 was really nice, you could not tell it from new except for the refurb hang tag. They had it marked at $469 which was not a bad price for what amounts to a new Glock. I offered $475 OTD and was immediately shot down with “no, marked price is the best we can do”. “We are a stocking dealer and can’t get ANY Glocks right now”. I can’t blame them at all, their asking price was not gouging but then I didn’t have to buy it either. So, no new Glock for me, did not really need to be spending the coin right now anyway. I will just have to get by with my ancient “Gen 1” G20 and Gen 3 G23 if I want to shoot a Glock.