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January 14, 2013, 00:42
45. ACP, It's a Fabulous work of art, I'll probably buy 4 or 5 of em. :):rofl::tongue::cool:


January 14, 2013, 01:30
Old news.

GLOCK® surprised the firearms industry today by announcing that the company will begin selling a full-size single stack intended for the American law enforcement and competition market. While prototypes had been designated GLOCK 21SSSSF, or Single Stack Super Slim Fit, the production gun will be marketed simply as the GLOCK 1911 Gen 4. GLOCK’s press release promises the new gun is a “game changer.” A limited number of prototypes emerged from a secret testing regimen with glowing reviews. One tester, a former Tier 1 Operator known only as “Mack”, posted on his Facebook account, “One hit from this and it’s all over.”

Glock 1911 Gen 4 Prototype

The GLOCK 1911 Gen4 breaks from GLOCK tradition in its use of an exposed hammer instead of GLOCK’s signature striker-firing system. To ensure safety, the single-action-only firing mechanism is protected by no less than 12 safety systems including the integral trigger safety, grip safety, thumb safety, other thumb safety, slide lock safety, half-cock safety, and 3 triple-redundant firing pin safeties. The inside of the slide is rumored to be a maze of springs and detents, but no images will be allowed until Brinks gets their approval paperwork back from the U.S. Patent Office.

At today’s press conference, GLOCK spokesman Frederich Unterwafflen appeared to react angrily when asked why the 1911 Gen 4 carries only 8 rounds of ammunition in its magazine, compared to the GLOCK 21 and 21SF which carry 13 rounds. “What, are you planning on missing a lot because you shoot like a sissy?” Unterwafflen responded. Quickly changing the subject, he hinted that GLOCK will also release a limited production run of collector’s edition “Zombie Mutilator” 1911 Gen4 pistols, which will have lime green grips, night sights that glow red, and “Z” factory proofmarks stamped on every single part no matter how small.

Street price of the 1911 Gen4 is anticipated to be around $800, undercutting the upcoming Heckler and Koch 1911 by a hefty $2,300.

Update: Only hours after the 1911 Gen4 rollout,GLOCK announced that they are no longer taking orders for the pistol as they were immediately swamped with thousands of backorders. GLOCK cannot build complete guns quickly enough to meet demand due to the 2012 Lanyard Loop Shortage, of which we are all aware.

January 14, 2013, 02:22
Nah, that's a fake story Weg, here's the gen5 glock.....I heard it has a triple recoil springs and all plastic internals, should be a winner. :]:beer:


January 14, 2013, 08:14
The new Berettas are interesting......Obviously designed by Liberals. ;)


January 31, 2013, 18:09
If its old news then I feel silly because I did not know anything about it,,,,,I like my Glocks but I think I will stick with my Colt/Springfield guns. I plan on adding a Ruger Commander :biggrin:

February 03, 2013, 14:08
not sure why it keeps popping up as real as it was a hoax from cheaper then dirt on april 1st a year or two ago. A coworker was walking around the shop I work at bragging about it and telling customers we should start getting them in about 6 months or so.. I really couldn't stop laughing at that one.. i will say they are now using a different photo for this then cheaper then dirt used.