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January 02, 2013, 21:04
Was talking with a guy at work, he was having fits with his CMMG conversion jamming a lot. He was running the AR15 charging handle, which is prone to jamming. Anyone with a conversion should get the solid plastic one from CMMG. There is no channel for the gas key so no place for ejected shells to get stuck. Mine runs like a Swiss watch with the special handle, though I wish it was aluminum. If I had a spare original handle I might try to fill the channel with epoxy or potting compound.

January 02, 2013, 22:59

I just put together a “Dedicated AR” for .22LR using a Surplus Ammo & Arms 16" 1:9 M4 AR-15 Upper Receiver and a New Frontier Arms LW15 Polymer AR Lower combined with a CMMG .22LR Conversion Kit. The functionality of the conversion is directly related to the type of ammunition used. One type of ammunition I do NOT recommend for use with this conversion is Remington Gold Bullet .22LR. It is a 36 gr. Hollow Point that looks to be plated, (probably just washed). Lots of FTF and FTE while using these rounds. It is my understanding that the primer material used in these may be the issue. The best advice is to purchase several boxes (50 rounds) of different manufacturers and see which one your conversion likes the best. Just like the large calibers, some work better than others on the same weapon. Just Sayin’ :biggrin:

Over and Out

January 03, 2013, 07:13
I see a bunch of these kits that don't work. Doesn't seem to matter what MFG. Never saw a need for a special charging handle. Will have to look at it.

My Ciener runs like a Swiss watch. I have polished the chamber .001 over, reshaped the extractor so it will pull an unfired round, reshaped the ejector so the cases cleanly leave the action, and polished the ramp. I also hose it down with starting fluid every couple 100 rounds.

Ammo does matter.

January 03, 2013, 08:39
Rich, remember that fellow at the tactical rifle shoot a couple years back? His 22LR conversion was jamming more than it was shooting, not just FTE and FTF as I recall. I recall lots of pocket knife tips and screwdriver work, though I was observing from a distance. What was his malfunction?

The ammo I use is the Federal bulk sold at WalMart. But I doubt ammo choice has a LOT to do with getting empty rounds stuck up in the charging handle channel. That said, I'm wondering if some gentle mods to the extractor hook would have an effect on where the empties end up. My friend's problem is empties getting up under the charging handle channel and eliminating the channel should go a long way to eliminating that problem.

January 03, 2013, 11:43
I used a chainsaw file on the end of my hook. Changed the angle on the ejector(AKA Giiiilllleee mod) so they leave cleanly. Problem is if the extractor doesn't have a good solid purchase on the rim, it may hit the ejector in a different spot, causing an inconsistent problem.

Inconsistent ammo ammo is going to make if the bolt speed vary wildly, making it harder to tune.

The Fed Bulk packs have been my go to ammo. They seem to have dried up. Been buying any 22s I can find.

There was more wrong with Russ's kit than there was right. I could get it to run 50 rounds or so, but never was what I would consider reliable. Great for malfunction drills though.

Tuscan Raider
January 03, 2013, 12:04
Might want to hit the moving areas with a buffing wheel. Between that
and Flitzing with a soft buffer, my conversion is smooth as glass.

January 03, 2013, 14:50
Roger what TR said. I took my wifes' CMMG unit apart, polished the rails and channels with fine valve lapping compound, polished the miniscule feed ramp, cleaned it up and now it runs like a champ. She's using the Winchester bulk pack (white box). The federals still give her unit fits. I am still using the old M-261 unit I've always had- eats everything I run through it with the exception of Aguila SSS.