View Full Version : Just picked up a new rifle

January 01, 2013, 18:26
With all the gun talk lately, the gun bug re-bit me and I decided I needed to fix the .22 Rifle hole in my gun assortment. I bought a Ruger 10/22 at the pawn shop last Friday, but I got delayed because they were so busy. So, I'm still waiting to pick up the 10/22, but as I was walking through Walmart today I noticed a rifle that looked pretty cool, especially for $107. It was a Mossberg 702 Plinkster, and I got the last one which was on display. Seems like a pretty decent value for the money anyway, and I was able to take the gun home with me today. I guess Walmart has the inside line with the background check people. Anyhoo, I guess these 2 rifles will satisfy my urges for a while.