View Full Version : GF Bought A P250

December 30, 2012, 19:09
Yep, she is the proud owner of a Sig P250 in 40 Smith. The DAO takes some getting used to but this pistol shoots straight and hard. I like it!

December 31, 2012, 15:22
At the gun show in Memphis a few weeks ago I sold a P250 to a woman as her first handgun. She was in her late 60s, had her carry permit, and was looking for a quality handgun. After looking over the Kahrs, she settled on a Sig P938, until another woman recommended the 250 subcompact in 9mm. The nice lady went home with a duo-tone P250 w/ built-in laser less than 45 minutes later. She reminded me of the "lunch lady" from the cafeteria in grade school, and I didn't have the heart to tell her that her wig was crooked...

January 01, 2013, 17:06
My wife did the same but after trying every other Sig in the place, a couple of Kimbers, and HKs. She even fired my 229 and 1911. Her 250 is in .45 though.

January 01, 2013, 20:59
So what is the final word on the p250? Do all the interchangeable parts work? Is it as good a buy as the g***k?

Redneck Rob
January 01, 2013, 22:19
I dearly love my P250c in 40 S&W and 357 SIG. I like it tons over Glocks. The next best handgun is my USPc 40 S&W. Yes the exchange kits work fine just make sure you have the second gen. not the first one.

January 02, 2013, 20:56
Love Sig handguns but absolutely HATE the DAO...

January 07, 2013, 15:15
A guy at work was sending around an email about a group buy on the P250 in .40 S&W. The guns were engraved with our unit designation and the group buy price was just over $400.
At first it seemed like a great deal then I cut some sign on the P250. Appearantly the Federal Air Marshals had used the pistol for a short time and reported lots of problems, mostly due to parts breakages, excessive wear and reliability problems. They also railed on and on about the DAO trigger; too heavy, stacked badly etc.
Every Sig handgun I've ever owned has been German manufacture and has been absoutely reliable, but this isnt the first time I've heard of QC and reliability issues with US made Sigarms pistols. I wish your GF good luck, hopefully she got a good one, its just disappointing that a formerly reputable brand like Sig has fallen to such lows. Just ask any 556 owner, including myself.