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Timber Wolf
December 20, 2012, 11:15
Yes in-deedy. It is kind of a long story but here goes. Long-ago-a-time, I bought a “Gen 1” G20. I was proud of the beast although it is too large for my beefy, short fingered hands. Still, I was happy to own what I consider the ultimate 10mm handgun. Not one to suffer defeat lightly, I next doubled-down by purchasing a Glock 21. Heck, if one big gun I did not really like was good, two must be better right? So these two sat around for many, many years with me thinking constantly about the $1000 I had tied up in them. Then, as luck would have it a trade deal came along with the fellow I had gotten the G21 from to start with. We made trade and the G21 went back home away from me.

Being back to just one Glock, and feeling the pressure do something Glockish again I ordered up a Police Trade-in Gen 2 G22 from Aim. It was OK but then I just do not like the Glock grip so it sat. It did accomplish one goal of mine, that of having a Carbine and pistol that took the same mag. This was due to the fact that a few years prior I had bought a KelTec Sub2K in .40 S&W that took the G22 mag. As much as I am cold on the G22, I really, REALLY like the KelTec carbine. It is a shooting, and folding, wonder that almost gives me happy thoughts about KelTecs in general.

Not long after a post popped up on our local firearms board requesting a trade of a G27 for a G22. I replied and the deal was done. Now I had a little carry piece and it still, sort of, took the same mags as the Keltec. I shot the little G27 well and carried it quite a bit in a Horse Hide SuperTuck but never was really comfortable with shooting it one-handed. A Springfield XDsc in .40 came along, I feel in love and the G27 was traded off, coincidentally to the same fellow I had traded the old G21 too.

Not too long after that I purchased a RTF2 G22 & Walther PPK in a very nice all cash deal. I liked the RTF2 better than any Glock before but it was still a Glock with that weird grip. So it sat, as does the Walther because it has an absolutely terrible double action pull. Anyway, a post pops up offering a very clean 4” S&W 19-4 in trade for a G22. I responded and we did. As much as it was a pretty straight up trade value wise, I figured they are making Glocks every day but there are no more pinned & recessed S&Ws to be had from Springfield. I also traded a sorry excuse for an AK for a S&W 52 & 5 mags, but that is an entirely different story.

So, was back to just the big old G20 I am too stubborn to get rid of, and the KelTec with a bunch of Glock mags. Recent events made me think I really should have another handgun that would accept these mags so I did the only reasonable thing. I ordered up a G23, the only one of the family (not counting a G24 or G35) I have not had yet. It will be here sometime next week and I am going to try really hard to give it a fair shake, before I throw it in the back of the safe. You know, if the G22 was too big, and the G27 was too small, maybe the G23 will be just right?:confused:

December 20, 2012, 15:21

i had a glock 20 for a few years, i LOVED its reliablity and 16 round capacity.

i HATED the fat grip, needless to say i didn't shoot it much. because of this, i ended up trading it for a hunting rifle for my wife (a great trade at the time!)

so then a couple years ago (or so) i learned about the glock 20 SF. and smaller grip! now we're talkin'!

they were all over the internet for 550-600 new.. and i just couldn't bring myself to pay that, plus $30 shipping and another $25-50 for transfer.

so today i was in my LGS talking to the owner about his sales with the panic buying (he has no more black rifles or mags left currently)...

anyway, i noticed he had a NIB glock 20 SF sitting in the case for $600. then i was told all firearms were 10% off.

well, i bought it, and does it feel GREAT in my hands. i love that smaller grip.

i was not expecting to find a deal like this during this "panic buying time".

December 20, 2012, 19:02
I bought a G22 almost a year ago and I liked it but the over all size was just a little big to me. A couple weeks ago I bought a G23 and I love it. I don't think Glock is the perfect gun but I think the G23 is the perfect Glock.

December 22, 2012, 13:17
I love my G23 RTF2 to death....it's my favorite CCW gun. :cool:

My G22 is my truck gun and my G35 is my house gun.....Got Glocks all over the place. :)

Try the grip enhancement here > http://www.falfiles.com/forums/showthread.php?t=341996

You'll probably feel better about any Glock grip with that Mod.

December 22, 2012, 14:01
The bitch that is the attorney general of California has locked the Glock out of the dros system, no dros=no Glock for you. :redface:

December 22, 2012, 16:55
The bitch that is the attorney general of California has locked the Glock out of the dros system, no dros=no Glock for you. :redface:
What? are you serious? Glocks are banned in CA? :uhoh:

December 22, 2012, 16:59
What? are you serious? Glocks are banned in CA? :uhoh:

They're cracking down.

You even have to wear clothes in most parts of San Fran now, and you can't even buy weed in the head shops.

That place is really going downhill.

December 22, 2012, 17:07
I wish you guys would take all your liberals back so we could go back to the way we were.:tongue:

December 22, 2012, 17:30
I wish you guys would take all your liberals back so we could go back to the way we were.:tongue:
Bro......I hear ya, I was born in Santa Monica Ca raised on the west side of LA.

It was a great place to grow up, I left in 88' I go visit my sister in Palos Verdes a couple times a year.....I am stunned every time I go and see what a shit hole it has become.

December 23, 2012, 00:08
The G23 sucks in the finger grooves. My agency issued Gen 3 G23s, and in my academy I constantly had athletic tape on my middle finger where it rubbed the trigger guard. And on my first thumb joint/web where the slide sliced.

Everyone else had G22, G22C, G35, SIGPRO (multiple stage agencies). I was still Top Gun of the academy. :rofl:

But I still don't like the G23. Even if I give it a boob reduction and eliminate the grooves the slide still bites me. I wish it had more of a M&P tail. I liked the Grip Force adapter, but took it off because I don't like plastic, wimpy crap on my gunz.

I ended up writing the personally-owned firearms policy and gradumated to a Gen 4 G22. MUCH better.

I sold off the .40 stuff when I quit. All 9mm Glocks, now, 124gr +P.

December 25, 2012, 19:35
Gen2 Glock 23 was my first. I love this gun. Bought a Gen 4 22 because
I liked the 23 so much. The 22 is not as comfortable as the 23.
I like the 22 as a truck or field gun, but the 23 is good in all areas to me.

December 25, 2012, 21:54
The G20 is the best Glock ever made, I have an older one and a new SF. The SF feels better in my hand, but the old 1996 era Glock is more accurate.

December 26, 2012, 02:03
Hi Have a 1st Gen G19 with the ser#666 in it:uhoh::eek::devil::biggrin::rofl:

A G24 that I bought new in 1998 and recently put tritium sights, extended slide release and a tungsten recoil rod and spring into... still have to get to the range..

...and i have a used G35 3rd gen in '10 day prison'-waiting period-- FUKKIN KOMMIE DOUCHES....

I got it for $450 shipped with 2 15 rd 'rebuild kits' and trit night sights installed...thought it was a good deal UNTIL..... found out that IF ANY GUN comes FROM a FFL IN or OUT of state TO a Kommiefornia FFL... NOW WE GET HIT WITH SALES TAX ON THE PRICE OF THE GUN..the"**** Us Taxboard' has seen fit to make the FFL's collect 'use tax' and send it to the state.. and that is ONLY because they can track and know when the 'merchandise' comes in... but tvs,bikes,hookers,etc ...noooooo they are NOT being subject to the same shit....

OH and know it officially costs me $100 to get a gun into this screwed place... transfer fee of $75 now and $25 background check....

Here is the kicker.. IF a gun is sent FROM A PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL TO A FFL HERE...hold on.. THE FFL DOES NOT COLLECT THE TAX.....

So from now on i will do my best to ask it shows coming from a private party....

So my used G35 for $450 NOW cost me $595 approx...:mad::mad::mad::mad:so much for a good deal.... still save like $140-200 depending on where you price them BUT.........

Anyway sorry I wandered and threadjacked a bit, just wanted to list my Glocks....aaaand then i vented...

Hope all your Christmases were good, I just finished doing the starter on my car....lovekly way to spend the holiday......:cry::cry: and back to work at 7am.....:cry::cry::cry:

Here is the kicker..

fal fiend
December 26, 2012, 16:30
I have a 3rd gen model 22, i carried berretas for years, its glock for car carry gun these days, lighter & in 40 cal.

Timber Wolf
January 10, 2013, 16:02
The new (to me) Glock 23 finally came. The deal started back before Christmas and so was over the holidays but dang if they did not take their sweet time shipping. I am liking it and may have to actually give this one a chance to work its’ way into the carry rotation, or at least the range bag occasionally. I tolerated my Glockish gripped G27 because my beefy hand could kind of roll under the short grip and it did not feel as bad as the G22. The G23 feels kind of like the G27 in that regard although I don’t know who the finger grooves are made for, it is sure not me. Feels good with a G22 mag stuck in as that gives my pinkie somewhere to ride. I will take it to the range Sunday and wring it out. I got lucky and snagged a few G23 mags, some new and some used LEO before they became unobtainium.

January 11, 2013, 20:42
KKM makes a really good after market barrels, to make your G23 into a 357. Sig caliber you only need to change the barrel.
Supposed to improve accuracy too.

I'm getting a 4.5" barrel for my 23 in 357 sig.

They are about 30 minutes from me > http://www.kkmprecision.com/shopping-cart/?func=order&frompage=cat&cat=G

January 12, 2013, 00:12
Not to be pedantic but there are no Gen 1 G20's the Gen 1 dates from the 1980's when only 17's and 19's were available.

This page:

has a large listing of Glock serial numbers so you can figure out your Glocks birthday