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December 07, 2012, 00:53
I am not sure if anyone here has built a 922r compliant PE57 but any input from those that have would be great. I found a table listing parts in a FAL that can be used for this purpose on TAPCO website:


A few questions:

1) Is the part listing for a FAL accurate enough to be used with a PE57 for 922r purposes?
2) If it is not, does anyone have a correct suitable part list for replacement to satisfy the stupid 922r ?
3) Based on the TAPCO list I would have to replace 7 foreign parts with US made parts. I marked a picture with parts that would be the easiest to manufacture in the US: http://SwissCans.theswissriflesdotcommessageboard.yuku.co m/photos/view/pid/2284164

Butt stocks (Part I in diagram)
Pistol grips (Part II in diagram)
Receivers (Part III in diagram)
Forearms (Part IV in diagram)
Barrels (Part V in diagram)
Muzzle attachments (Part VI in diagram)

I found a person who is making receivers and barrels. That would be two parts. If the list above is correct, I could modify the barrel by shaving off the existing flash hider and put on an identical muzzle break, pin it, weld it and that would give me another 922r part under "Muzzle Attachements".

The rest of the parts could be custom made by various shops I am sure.

What are your thoughts guys? Am I missing anything? I have never built a gun from a kit before so please be patient with me

- Mike

December 07, 2012, 10:32

Tony (AGG) over at SwissRifles--- PM'ed you back!!! ;)
May I suggest contacting Estes Adams over at Biggerhammer. :)


December 07, 2012, 17:26
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December 07, 2012, 22:34
I would say the PE57 has 18 parts(no barrel extension or gas piston, but everything else). Eight US parts would be required if you were to play the silly game.

December 07, 2012, 23:11
That's the input I was looking for! If you were to play the silly game, which parts would you replace?

December 08, 2012, 20:53
Well, when I play I'm going to build AMT's, so I'm going to replace the receiver and fit it for M14 mags(body, follower, floorplate). That's four US parts, but I'm going to build a pair of them,............making 8 US parts.

December 09, 2012, 20:05
You can get rid of the disconnector like the Swiss did on the PE57 by taking off the disconnect arm on the trigger and milling off the spur it engages to on top of the sear. another part gone. My barrel and muzzle break are one piece. another part gone. A muzzle attachment can be silver soldered on if its detachable to make it one part.

December 17, 2012, 15:54
Just buy a complete rifle in San Fransico....