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December 05, 2012, 12:47
Howdy all

I am looking to purchase a speedloader for 10/22 magazines

What speedloader do you find best to use?
As in ease of use, speed of load and % of idiot proof

Looking forward to your advise



December 05, 2012, 19:30
I have a Butler Creek loader for 10/22 mags that works pretty well. IF you're using it on a 25-round mag, either factory or aftermarket. I have yet to find one that works well on the standard 10-round factory mags. I usually load those by hand because it's faster than doing all the setup the loader requires.

However, my loader is several years old at this point, and there may be new ones that work better, faster, slicker, etc. Try doing a google search for Ruger magazine loaders or 10/22 magazine loaders and see what comes up. Check on Youtube, too. There're a lot of 10/22 videos out on Youtube.

December 05, 2012, 23:41
Hey Cat man

I did the google thing and it confused the heck out of me ( not a hard thing to do, by the way)

Not having used one I was hoping for a quick easy answer, a think that is rare today!!

Thanks for the reply