View Full Version : Question about Tapco Intrafuse 10/22 Stock

Timber Wolf
December 03, 2012, 10:44
I would like to pick up a pistol gripped stock for one of my 10/22s. An adjustable buttstock is a plus so my daughter can use and grow into it. The Tapco unit looks like the way to go but I have a couple of questions for somebody that has one. Can the SAW grip be changed out for another standard AR grip? Does the top cover have to be installed to secure the gun in the stock? Anything else I need to know?

December 04, 2012, 12:48
I don't know about the SAW pistol girp; you may be stuck with that. However, all the 10/22 aftermarket stocks I've ever seen ALL use the factory mounting system. That is, the machine screw on the bottom of the action is what secures the action to the stock. In fact, that's the ONLY thing that couples the action and stock together. On the standard model 10/22, there is the barrel band on the forend, but most other 10/22 models don't use it, and I think it's more for looks on the standard model than it is for holding the stock and action together.

So I doubt very seriously that the Tapco top cover has any other function than cosmetic. No factory 10/22's use a top cover, so I'm pretty sure that the Tapco cover is more for tacticool than anything else. As near as I can tell, its main function is to provide a rail to mount things on and to look cool. It also prevents use of the iron sights. Hope that helps answer your question.

One other possibility that might be less expensive than the Tapco stock could be to pick up a standard 10/22 stock on Gun Broker. There are usually dozens of them on GB for practically nothing that are being sold after somebody put an aftermarket stock on their 10/22. It should be pretty easy to cut an inch or two off the stock and stick a recoil pad or butt plate on it, and then you'd have both the short stock and the original for when your daughter grows into it.

Timber Wolf
December 05, 2012, 08:12
I have a couple of standard stocks and cutting one for her could be done but I was hoping to build something we both could enjoy just by sliding the buttstock. That and I want a pistol grip. I shot an Outlaw .22 Steel Challenge/Ruger Rimfire match the other day with one of my standard 10/22s and was really wishing for a p-grip. I am going to build up a dedicated .22 AR soon too so will have other options.

December 05, 2012, 19:17
Ah, so, Grasshopper. You didn't say that the rifle would be for both of you. I was under the impression that this was just going to be for your daughter. So, yeah, if both of you are going to use it, the Tapco stock makes sense.

There are a couple of aftermarket folding stocks for 10/22's that have pistol grips, but Black Warrior and Butler Creek, but if you took the folding part of the stock off, I have no idea how you would manage to attach an AR-15 collapseable stock in its place. There's probably a way if you have a machine shop handy. You might see if Ace has anything for a 10/22. I know they make an aftermarket collapseable folder for some rifles, but memory fails as to exactly which rifles.

For a variable length stock on a 10/22, your best bet probably IS the Tapco stock. Ditto with a pistol grip.