View Full Version : Stripped allen head, 226 adjustable sights.

November 21, 2012, 10:47
There are two allen head set screws in the rear sights used to adjust windage. They were really stuck when I bought the gun used and only one would come out. The other just slipped with the allen wrench. They are tiny. How can I get it out? I'm thinking if I can get it out I'll just drill and tap them for bigger set screws.



November 21, 2012, 19:22
take a punch and slightlycave in the edges of the socket in the screw head. Then take an allen key that is a separate screwdriver bit, place over the hole and rap it with a hammer. This will re-swage the hole.

Allen keys wear and have to be ground down occasionally to get to a sharp section.

If moderate pressure still doesn't move it, then take a soldering iron and heat the screw - it is possible someone locktited it.

If these fail consider the same technique with a torx bit that is a hair larger than the hex hole. Drill it out only as a last resort, and even then there is no need to drill out the sight to a larger size, you can drill just the minor diameter of the screw then clear out the slag with a tap.

L Haney
November 21, 2012, 19:41
If these fail consider the same technique with a torx bit that is a hair larger than the hex hole.

Use a new one, or touch it up on the grinder to get to the sharp splines. This has saved my ass more than once. Tap it in with a small hammer and make sure it goes in straight.

November 25, 2012, 22:14
Or, go to the very next size up in Metric (or Inch size if the existing screw is already metric) and drive it in as suggested by GP. This will form a new slightly larger hex in the screw. After doing this, I would also suggest the use of a soldering iron to soften or loosen possible Loc-Tite. Even if none was used, the heat will help to break any bond that has taken by crud and gunk over the years.