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November 16, 2012, 09:54
I found this while cruising the local pawn shops. I was really looking for a Win 97, Stevens 520 or 620. I thought I had found the 520 when I saw the familiar hump of the receiver. Turned out to be a Wards Westernfield 562A. Made by Stevens for Montgomery Wards, it is essentially the same gun.

12ga., 2-3/4" chamber, 18.5" modified choke "home defense" barrel. This is a take down model that easily separates into two parts. There is no trigger dis-connector, pull the trigger and keep pumping!

I was a little fuzzy on the barrel, but I did manage to find another listed for sale.

It took several hours to remove the finish on the wood and treat it with BLO. A search of the internet turned up a very good article on removing surface rust without damaging the bluing beneath. A lot of work, but the rust is gone and the original patina hasn't changed.


November 16, 2012, 10:23
Very cool find!

November 16, 2012, 20:13
I like that! How much you want for it?

November 16, 2012, 20:40
I'll trade you a G-1 kit for it....:beer:

November 16, 2012, 20:51
Double tap without the auction info.

November 16, 2012, 21:08
Until I can find a real no bullshit trench gun that I can afford, this will probably stay at home with me and the dogs.

This shotgun didn't come home looking this way, it took several non-stop hours to get it to where it is now. I think if the guy that sold it to me could see it now he would crap himself.

Thanks for the offers, it makes me feel better knowing the last of my slush fund wasn't spent in vain.

Same thing, earlier model, stocks are still available. The telltale for the take down feature is the 'keystone" piece on the receiver end of the mag tube.

Same thing again, price is pretty stiff.

Another earlier model with a better price.

And now for the real "bone". The barrel.

I found all this crap after I bought mine. I'm still in it for a lot less then buying one of these plus the barrel, but hey maybe you guys are looking for a project.

November 16, 2012, 22:22
Here is your cheap trench...real deal too!


November 17, 2012, 00:02
Here is your cheap trench...real deal too!


I've seen them, I've held a couple, I just can't bring myself to lay out that much cash.

Hell, one of the guys I work with brought in a Stevens 620 with all the right markings and the barrel properly relieved for the shroud bolts. He had no idea what it was and actually thought it was a Forestry Service gun. Of course as soon as I told him what it was, it turned to solid gold. He paid $75.00 for it in a pawn shop years ago.

November 17, 2012, 00:51
Here is your cheap trench...real deal too!


Now there's a serious piece of history!!:love::love:

RG Coburn
November 17, 2012, 08:33
Look at the machining! And from the days before CNC..