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October 30, 2012, 21:55
Hey guys,

as I had a little time to waste today, I went to an indoor shooting range and tested the following kinds of ammo in my 10-22 TD :

#1 Federal Champion 36gr CPHP catalog #745

#2 Federal Spitfire 31gr CPHP cat. #NOS22 (?)

#3 Remington Golden 40gr PLRN cat. #1522

#4 CCI Stinger 32gr CPHP cat. #0050

#5 Win. SuperX 37gr CPHP cat. #X22LRHSS!

#6 Win. SuperX 40gr CPRN cat. # X22LRSS1

First of all, the Fed. Spitfire jammed ( FTE ) about 2 times in 10rds, no tight groups possible. Groups spread to about 2 ~ 2.25" of 10rds.

Best accuracy was with #1, second best with #3. At 25yds with Bushnell TRS-25 red dot I could cover 5 shot groups with a quarter.

Stingers had the best punch, accuracy was not as good, but still acceptable.

Both #5 and #6 did well too, accuracy was also acceptable.

Federal Spitfires seemed to me pretty much like a lame duck, they were rated on the box as hyper velocity ~ 1500fps. :rofl:

I'll shoot the remainder of the Lamefires up in my Buckmark, and that's it.

So far I've got best results with CCI Minimags 40gr CPRN and Federal 550 bulk packs36gr CPHP #750.

As you guys might have noticed, I did not include any lead bullets.

At first I thought I try the copper plated bullets, when I run out of loads for those, I might try the non-plated stuff.



October 31, 2012, 19:46

from factory specs, the

CCI Minimags with 40gr CPRN clock at 1235fps,

Federal 550 w/ 36gr CPHP clock at 1260fps,

Rem. Golden w/ 40gr CPRN clock at 1255fps.

I don't know about the length of the test barrels used for obtaining those results, but I bet they were longer than the 18.5" barrel of my TD.

Figuring in some tolerances, all three of those above shot almost to the same POA.



November 01, 2012, 00:06
Did you use any type of optical sight. I've been thinking of getting a 10-22 TD but have read reviews that said you have to rezero an optical sight every time it's taken down and reassembled.
Sorry, just reread your OP and see you used a red dot. How does it do after take down and reassemble?
On the ammo issue, mini mags have been my go to high velosity round for probably 30 years, very consistant lot to lot and very accurate in my 30 yr old standard 10-22 and my 39A.

November 01, 2012, 12:31
Hey jbbatok,

the red dot stays on the receiver. The good thing is, you can take the receiver out of the stock and clean it, and nothing changes.

You just gotta make sure that the barrel lock-up is tight. This is done by tightening the knurled ring in front of the receiver, where the barrel is inserted.

Once this is properly tightened, there are no issues.



November 03, 2012, 16:35
Hey guys,

I just got a 4x30mm riflescope in the mail yesterday.

With it mounted, I plan on doing some more accuracy testing one of these days.