View Full Version : Beretta Whitewing

October 21, 2012, 20:25
I have a Beretta Whitewing over/under 12ga that needs a new stock. I can not find alot of information for the shotgun. Can anyone tell me if the stock off a 686 Onyx will fit my shotgun.

October 22, 2012, 17:55
I would call Beretta's Support Center at 1-800-BERETTA


It's a nice shotgun - best of luck! :beer:

October 24, 2012, 09:46
I'm with AndyC. I too have a Whitewing, and most searches yield nothing as far as even acknowledging that they ever made a Whitewing. If I remember right though, the model number is 686 even though that usually comes up as an Onyx. Let us know what you find out about it.

October 25, 2012, 01:17
Found some information on a Beretta forum saying the Whitewing is a 686 model. The receiver is the same as other 686 just made of high strength aircraft aluminum. Guys there say any 686 should fit. I purchased a stock off a 686 Oynx, let you know how it works out.

October 25, 2012, 09:01
I'm sure the original sale tag for mine say 686. Good luck it's a great shotgun.

October 25, 2012, 17:17
Picked up a used 686 Oynx stock on ebay. Fits good. No perfect but close enough that it wont be a problem. Now back to the duck swamp.