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September 30, 2012, 17:17
Thought I might as well post a few pics of my DR300. You see so few of them it makes you wonder if any still exist. I bought mine over 10 years ago and it shot well with a 5 or 10 round mag that came with it--not really sure because I can't find the mag and it's been that long since I shot it. I started to modify the thumbhole stock back then and lost interest and the rifle sat in my safe ever since.

Anyway, I decided I wanted to mod it this past summer so I bought a pistol grip from s0b3 and a stock adapter from StormWerkz. I just want to say that both pieces are very nice quality and money well spent. I already had an Ace skeleton stock so I was pretty much good-to-go.

After everything was installed, I had a very nice looking rifle, but that's when a big problem occurred. I bought 4 ASC 30 round mags for 7.62x39 and had 2 USA franken mags still in wrap that I never used. There was some play in the mags and the gun would feed if you pushed the mag forward, but would just miss the feed ramps if you pulled back on the mag. I was pretty dejected as the rifle was no more reliable than a club. I did call a local gunsmith to see if he rework the feed ramps, but he never returned my calls so I decided to give it a crack myself before I gave up on it. Armed with my Dremel and flex attachment, I took the handguards off and clamped the barrel in my vise. I used a very narrow, cylindrical stone to extend the ramps downward about an 1/8". That took all of 10 minutes tops. Then I used a small buffing wheel and some Mothers Aluminum and Mag polish and polished the feed ramps. I cleaned up the work by spraying brake cleaner all over and wiped everything down.

That did the trick because I can manually feed the rifle no matter how hard I pull back on the mags. Now my new concern is the longevity of the bolt and if it's worth putting any more money into it. I'm thinking about sending the bolt out for cryogenic treatment to help strengthen the bolt. I guess either way I should just shoot it and if the bolt breaks, it breaks. About the only other mod I have in mind is attaching an FAL quad rail to it.

Anyway, here's what it looks like:


This is what it looks like with the ASC and USA mags inserted:

Hopefully I can make a trip out to the range this week and reintroduce myself to this rifle. Thanks for looking.

October 02, 2012, 17:30
Very nice. Do the DR-300s not have an adjustable gas plug?

October 05, 2012, 12:54
Thanks. No, the DR300 does not have an adjustable gas plug. Kind of wish it did given the bolt issues some have had.

Here's a question for those who have the Stormwerkz stock adapter, what kind of QD swivel mounts, etc. fit on the threaded hex head holes on each side of the adapter?