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September 30, 2012, 10:44
I have an excellent 1980's Daewoo K2 imported by Stoeger, serial 3042XX. It has the original folding stock..NOT the thumb hole stock of later restricted versions. Looking at the various auction sites, it appears that it is rather rare, as most Daewoo rifles are the DR versions. Anyone know how many pre- ban K2 folders were imported? Anyone interested may contact me by PM this forum.

October 01, 2012, 11:19
They are around still.
I think a fair amount of what was available got stashed as investments when the '89 Bush Senior import ban went in to effect.

They were imported by a couple, or so, different importers.
I have no idea of quantities brought in.

They turn up occasionally. Depending on condition, and the seller, they seem to bring about what a pretty well equipped new AR will.
Not ridiculous money, like some of the rarer guns do.

This from Daewoorifleparts.com website :

Parts and accessories for the gas piston rifles. Known as K2, MaxII, or AR100 depending on importer. Typically exhibiting a solid folding "clubfoot" stock, these are a Korean designed and manufactured rifle with a gas piston operation and adjustable gas, with a design similar to an AK and FAL.

October 13, 2012, 20:37
I have a K2 in the 300,000 SN range and another in the 500,000 range - so I'm guessing that they were imported in the 10s of thousand if not several hundred thousand`

The interesting thing is that the one in the 300K range has a 1/12 barrel and the one in the 500K range has a 1/7.3 barrel. If your gas piston is pinned to the bolt carrier (like mine in the 300K rifle) its entirely likely that its a 1/12 twist barrel