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Cliff M
September 27, 2012, 17:44

This would sure be a cool shotgun to own. It comes with 2 barrels one of which is fully rifled and the other a nice bird gun barrel. They sell for about $500 at Bass Pro. So many guns and so little time.

September 27, 2012, 18:02
That was the first remington I bought. Except it was a smoothbore deer barrel and it was $249.95, back in 1990.

September 29, 2012, 12:38
I've bought a couple of combos similar to what GP mentioned. They're solid, versatile, if somewhat rough, guns. I just sent a 1988-vintage 870 Express off to get parkerized and have a few refinements added. I bought it slightly used and rather rusty. I rattle-canned it once, and decided it was time to get it squared away. I'm also having the forcing cone lengthened and the barrel cut and rethreaded for Rem-chokes, and a fiber optic front sight installed. It's going to be my coyote shotgun once I get it back.

October 11, 2012, 17:18
I just picked one up at a pawn shop for 200.00, minus the bird barrel. Nice Shotty. Very solid. My new home defence gun!!

October 14, 2012, 11:07
I have the Winchester 1300 combo, 18" barrel with bead and a 28" vent rib barrel with chokes, now looking for a rifled slug barrel which are proving to be pricey. The 1300 has an aluminum receiver and the bolt locks into the barrel kind of like an ar15. If a guy need one gun for survival , small & large game hunting and defense, this package would be hard to best.

Cliff M
October 16, 2012, 18:06
I'm looking at a rifled choke for my 870 express. You wont get much spin on the slug with only rifling on the last 3" or so of the bbl. It might improve accuracy a little at short ranges? I'm also looking at a 20" fully rifled express bbl. I'm not sure if you can shoot slug/sabot ammo with the improved cylinder that came on the new shotgun? I bought a box of 00 buck for home defense just in case.

October 16, 2012, 18:36
It may be counter-intuitive, but my informal testing showed no quantifiable difference between a rifled barrel and a rifled choke in 20" 12g.

Perhaps there is some combination of slug and rifled barrel or rifled choke that will show a difference, but I didn't find one in the 4-5 brands I tested. It was 20 years ago so I don't recall the brands.

I do remember that shooting Brenneke Rotweil slugs in a smoothbore outperformed all the others (grouped around 4" at 100 yards with rifle sights) and the sabots were the worst.

S&B makes a less expensive Rotweil clone, but their roll crimp means one less round in the tube over the Brenneke.

I've also seen reports that suggested 2-3/4" were typically more accurate than 3".

Cliff M
October 17, 2012, 13:18
Thx for the information Mark. I think I'm going for the rifled choke on my 28" bbl. It might be a a little harder to handle than the 20" bbl but I won't be using it very much and save the cost of the extra bbl.

October 30, 2012, 10:24
To Mark. Just a little bit of trivia about SB or Sellier and Bellot. I was a sales agent working in the arms and amunition trade for many years in Canada, and namely Montreal. There was a company there called Pragotrade, which was actually a part of the Czeck Trade Comission. The country was split into two entities and I was allowed to sell Brno firearms, S/B amunition and a semi auto 22magnum made by CZ because the plant was in their territory. Pragotrade was trying to flog all kinds of stuff from bikes to bras. I never really knew who was in charge. Somebody else controlled the CZ hand guns. I saw the potential of S/B. Nobody else had ever heard of it. It was huge and I begged and pleaded with them to allow me to open the potentially huge US market. I had some big US distributors just waiting to get container loades of shotgunshells. (they knew nothing about rifle or pistol SB amo). I tried to get some big money guys to back me, but they just blew it off. The rest is history, somebody else did it, and they never really reached the potential. This is world class stuff, and can compete with the best. I just had to be Americanized. It still has not been achieved.