View Full Version : Info on a B West needed

September 04, 2012, 10:55
Are they still around? when did they import DR200? Is there any difference between their Dr200s and a Kimber import? Anything else you can add.

September 04, 2012, 16:16
Look up B-West Imports / E.Robert Jensen
Google is one, if not your best friend in such instances.
Last Corporate Filing with the state of Arizona was 1998
Arizona ultimately executed a Administrative Corporate
Dissolution on B-West Plc. In 2001. They are gone.

To answer your question regarding the Kimber v. B-West
differences, from the several of each I have personally seen
And held.. They are identical. I have two B-Wests.

September 04, 2012, 17:04
thanks, just got a B-West for $700

September 04, 2012, 19:36
That's on the low end of the dollar spectrum, seen some NIB go for $900.00.
With a few upgrades, they are great shooters.