View Full Version : Sig mags or what did I get?

Old Sarge
August 20, 2012, 10:58
Hi y'all
I found a couple of Sig mags at the show this weekend. 13 round (marked on back) parked sort of finish, plastic base plate with a scouped out area, U shape to the front. One of them has a large Z pattern on the back and the other has one large Z and series of very small z pattern. They both have a proff mark of some sort that looks like a tri angle with a J hook coming out of each point in a circle. One (large Z) is marked JP Sauer & Sohn GmbH with a date and the LE restrition on it. The other is just stamped Sig Sauer on the side.

I bought them hoping that they were Sig 226 mags. But I am thinking they are Sig 228 mags? Guess I should have compared them to the pistol I looked at but that didn't occure to me. I think the one must be German (sence its marked Germany) and the other US? But I think both are OEM Sig mags.

Anyone have any idea based on what I have here?

Old Sarge

August 20, 2012, 23:05
Sounds like P228 mags to me.......I can use 'em if you wanna sell 'em! PM me!!


August 22, 2012, 13:39
They are either 228 or 229 magazines. There's no difference between them, except what's on the side of the magazine. You can use 228 magazines in a 9mm 229 and 9mm 229 magazines in a 228. They are too short to fit into a 226. You should be able to find someone to swap them with.