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August 08, 2012, 21:50
What is the best Colt 1873 SAA clone on the market curently?

August 08, 2012, 23:07
I would say U.S. Fire Arms.

August 09, 2012, 07:04

August 09, 2012, 07:45
I have never fired or owned one, but the Beretta Stampede looks nice.


August 09, 2012, 08:22
I have handled a Beretta Stampede and it seemed okay. It does not have the hammer mounted firing pin like the Colt's do if that is an issue for you.
I second US (Patent) Firearms. They are or were made in the original Colt building in Hartford. I stopped there once on my way home from a job and took a quick tour of the place. The guns were made from Italian and US parts but finished and assembled there, right under the onion dome. The owner said that the plan was to have everything made local eventually and since that was probably 12 years ago, that may be the case today. I believe they do cost a bit more than the Italian made copies.

August 09, 2012, 08:39
I would say U.S. Fire Arms.

No argument there. They have even made Colt work harder to improve their SA.

The new Colt's are excellent, but you have to pay for genuine.

Cimmaron, it's a Uberti, but better fit and finish. The Model P is standard. Their "Evil Roy" is a slicked up "P" with better sight notches and tuned trigger.
A reshaped lower contour on the hammer that I like.

Taylor's & Co., Forged frames and lots to choose from. Their 1873 Cattleman is the basic model. "The Smoke Wagon" is a tuned up model if you don't do your own pistol work. Pretty sure these are made by Uberti also.

Uberti, good basic 1873 clones, but Cimmaron makes them better.

Ruger, they look good and can't be beat for durability, ease of maintenance, spare parts availibility.
Not a true clone with their different lockwork and lack the "Half-cock" safety and "clickety clack" hammer cocking sounds so dear to fans of the Colt Single Action. :biggrin:

Blue Monster
August 09, 2012, 08:49
AWA if you can find one.
They were sued by Colt for making Colt's :D
Google it.

I have an AWA Turnbull SAA that is to die for:

August 09, 2012, 14:13
I have an AWA, and fit / finish is very nice, tho it has a wound spring and plunger behind the hand, instead of the flat spring of a Colt.

Some are that way, some are not.

A square 10
August 09, 2012, 18:58
im shooting a taurus and a cimmaron , both bought for SASS cowboy action as i intended to shoot hell out of them and did not wish to ruin my colts , for that purpose both have served well and been trouble free , the taurus was 'tuned' and is very smooth the cimmaron is out of the box but is smoothing up a bit every year i shoot it ,

im no gunfighter and ill never win a trophy , but they have been more fun than i had even imagined

Timber Wolf
August 10, 2012, 08:47
They have been more fun than I had even imagined

Can't argue with that.:bow:

August 10, 2012, 09:43
I have a Colt, but bought a Cimmaron, cause I really don't want to shoot the Colt that much. So far that Cimmaron has been a good shooter. It's smoothing up as I shoot it, it's got a real nice charcoal blueing on it. I think it's better finished than my Colt.
It's tons of fun to shoot.

August 10, 2012, 21:40
I have had 3 USFA six guns - they are the closest thing you can get to real Colts - if you have $1600 to drop on a Colt then go for it - my USFA guns handle/d and feel exactly like early Colts (worked in a gun store that had BOTH) good guns.

Mark IV
August 10, 2012, 22:24
The Ruger Vaquero is a pretty good rendition of the SAA ... that is, if you can put aside any distaste for Bill Ruger.

Retired Bum
August 10, 2012, 22:45
I have a pair of Colt SAA's. An early 2nd gen 7.5 inch in .45 Colt and a late 3rd gen 4.75 inch in .45 Colt.

I wouldn't trade either of them for any clone out there. Beautifully made and accurate with my handloaded 255 grain LSWC rounds.

I did have a Ruger "old" Vaquero 4 5/8th inch in .45 Colt. A decent shooter but the fake color case hardening on the frame was poorly done. Sold it to a cowboy shooter and he was welcome to it.

Bought a Cimarron made by Uberti some years ago. New in the box and it was a piece of crap that shot no where close to point of aim. My first and only Italian revolver. Never again at any price.

And so it goes.

The Retired One

V guy
August 18, 2012, 09:53
I too, had a lot of problems with the knockoffs.
I had one by Sauer in Germany--AWA-- was the only good one.

Take your clone, make sure it is unloaded!!

Hold the gun up to strong backlite..... cock the hammer on the empty chamber,look down the bbl and see if the damn cyl is in time.......if not, you will see a half moon on one side or the other. Check each cyl. the light coming through the firing pin hole is just right to see it.

Won't work on a transfer bar gun.
Getting the bolt and sprag arm working correctly, in time, and durable, is tough on the Italian guns. Plenty of parts and gunsmiths available, however.

I have one that is an original "armi san marco"-Cimarron.
A Richards conversion from the late 90's. New in Box. Simply would not function. Not even Cimarron would work on it--I mean like big NO!!

I called everybody...nope.

I even finally talked to Bob Munden. He is a real nice guy and spent some time with me on the phone. He said it was not worth his time to fix anymore of that model...too much time and that he did some to prove he could do it. Gave me some tips and I finally got it working. Window in the frame was way incorrect, as he mentioned.

I shoot Ruger, old model, Vaqueros with, lighter springs.:shades::shades:

August 19, 2012, 14:07
How many of you have shot all of the pistols out there? I have shot most. If you buy a new Colt you are buying a fancy Italian pistol. I have not been happy with JP Sauor and son out of W Germany. The Berreta is about the same. Ruger makes a fine pistol but it is not the same a Colt or Colt style SSA. The Ruger will out last all others. As for a Uberti not shooting I used a 1875 Remington by Uberti in 45 Colt to shoot a deer at 205 steps. Did I have a little luck on my side? Yes but if the pistol would not shoot well I would not have tried the shot. When you say ,"What is the best SSA clone?" I have to ask, what do you mean? The best looking I would go with a Turnbull. The one that will last the longest? I would go with Ruger. For me the best buy for the money, I shot Uberti.

Retired Bum
August 19, 2012, 16:55
I keeping hearing and reading that Colt uses Italian made forgings to manufacture the SAA. I do know that when Colt was offering their reproduction black powder models that the componets were imported from Italy and then finished by Colt. But I have never confirmed that Colt used or uses Italian parts to make the SAA. I am not going to go out on a long limb and flatly deny it because I just don't know either way. Sometimes I get the impression that this is just a rumor thrown out there by someone who didn't like the 2nd and 3rd gen Colts made back during the time when Colt was having major labor problems with the UAW.

And so it goes.

The Retired One

August 19, 2012, 21:03
Beretta, Stampede, "armi san marco" Cimarron are made by Uberti. They may be the most authentic non-Colt SAA.

D P Six
August 19, 2012, 22:42
I would never buy a V-twin motorcycle designed to look like a Harley Davidson nor would I buy a SAA clone that looks like a Colt. Buy the real thing.