View Full Version : TAC-47 and low recoil

August 04, 2012, 14:02
I had installed the tac-47 autoplug and set it for Walmart birdshot for low power and still handling the high powers fine. Ready to live happly ever after, not!

Wanting low power for self defense I got some Winchester Ranger low recoil 00B. They really mean low recoil, three more full turns on the autoplug and still no ejecto. I don't think I want it that far in. I might have to relegate all the "low recoil" to the pump and keep more moderately powered ammo for the Saiga.

Apparently the fps does not have as much to do with recoil as burn rate and other things. Any opinions ?

August 06, 2012, 07:46
You might want to try some different brands. I've had very good luck with Fiocchi low recoil slugs and buckshot in my Benelli M2. My friends M2 will not even cycle with the Fiocchi buckshot. It might be a matter of finding one your gun likes.