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oz in SC
July 31, 2012, 10:33
Colt Police Positive,.38 special,good wooden grips,finish is worn,but to be honest can't imagine anything else after eighty years or so.

From what I can find,dates to 1929.

Any ideas on value?




July 31, 2012, 11:03
ANY old Colt or S&W revolver is a "goodie", no worries there...

oz in SC
July 31, 2012, 11:19
ANY old Colt or S&W revolver is a "goodie", no worries there...

It is pretty amazing how good it looks for its age.

Do you know what it might be worth?

Guy wanting to trade it to me is wanting $300.

Timber Wolf
July 31, 2012, 12:59
That seems to be around the going asking rate these days. I have bought Police Positives and Official Police Colts for a LOT less, but not recently.:(:( I would not put $300 into it, but then I have two PPs, two OPs, an Officer's Model Match, Dick Special, two Cobras, and an Agent so I am not hurting for a Colt to shoot .38 Special in. I suppose I could also load .38s in my Python but to be honest I would just as soon shoot one of the Offical Polices. I used to be able to sneak up on the unsuspecting sellers of old Colts because everybody seemed to be wanting S&Ws, but no more.:( Oh well, I have my memories, and a whole bunch of guns not getting shot.:sad:

Retired Bum
August 01, 2012, 15:20
I have a slightly newer Colt Police Positive .38 Spl made in 1935. It is nickel plated and has the checkered walnut grips with the pewter colored medallions. I bought it at a gun show back in 2000. It was a legal private sale (the best kind) and I gave $350 for it. That price might seem a bit high for that time but this PPS was very minty and nickeled PPS's are somewhat scarcer than blued models.

The 1929 PPS in the photo looks fairly decent to me. I'd do $300 for it if I saw it locally. Prewar Colt DA's are going up in price and if you really want it then I would humbly suggest that you get it. Remember that they will never be made again and that prices will continue to go up every year.

And so it goes.

The Retired One

oz in SC
August 01, 2012, 16:16
I ended up getting it,guy wanted a Romy SKS I had,so got the Colt plus $50.

Retired Bum
August 01, 2012, 19:38
Sounds like you made a decent deal for yourself in the trade. SKS's are all over the place. Prewar Colt revolvers aren't. Now start looking for another Police Positive Special chambered for the .32-20 WCF cartridge. Somewhat scarcer and more expensive if in decent condition....

And so it goes.

The Retired One

August 01, 2012, 20:58
That's about right if original finish. You got the better end of the deal on that SKS trade anyway. Good job.


August 05, 2012, 07:14
I know of a Police Positive Special... not sure of production year but I think it was one that had been shipped to So America back in the day. It looks pretty nice, considering it's age.
The markings and edges are sharp and clear, normal carry-wear aside, no pitting anywhere, still a lot of blue on it.. Other than that, how does one tell if it is refinished or cold-blued? Thing is, I have an M&P of known and probably similar age which while still maintaining blue, it is changing to brown, especially around the grip and trigger guard. Just wondering how to tell the difference between added-on bluing vs original.
Experience cold-bluing a Spanish Mauser in 1971 tells me that the stuff can really clean-up a piece and it will last. At the time I had neither the funds or desire to pay to reblue a beat-up Mauser so it was jotted up to experience.