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Sand Pirate
March 10, 2002, 16:36
(Ted, if this belongs in gunsmithing, feel free to move it.)

Buddy and I bought 2 Yugo SKS. Got them cleaned up and redid the stocks, came time to shoot them. Mine has weak ejection with 3 types of ammo, stovepipes the empty case about 3 out of 10 shots, won't lock open on last round.

My buddy's rifle won't eject at all. Pure single shot. And no, it's not the knob for the grenade launcher, we checked them both, they're in the right position.

I'm new to SKS rifles, any clues?

March 10, 2002, 19:07
Check to make sure the recoil spring is not turned around. That's about all I know about the SKS.

March 10, 2002, 19:55
I'd try cleaning/soaking the entire gas system in carburetor cleaner, then use a .45 brush to scrub the insides of the gas system. Once it's clean do NOT lube it, as it'll plug up the vent & bake onto the piston.
If that doesn't correct it I'd consider replacing some springs in the receiver(Chinese, or possibly Wolff or SpringCo might make them).
Compare spring prices between Sarco, Global Trading, etc., and they're usually cheaper if you buy a set.

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March 10, 2002, 22:52
If none of the above works, contact Mike Riddick the moderator of the Gunboards.com SKS/AK board and he may be able to help you. Look at http://www.gunboards.com/forums/UltraBoard.cgi?action=Headlines&BID=7&SID=1257586

and post the question there. You will probably get an answer.
Good luck

Sand Pirate
March 11, 2002, 17:04
Thank you gents. I'll try these fixes out tonight. And thanks for the link.

This C&R thing may be as addicting as FALs.

March 11, 2002, 18:18
This may be a real dumb question, but are your Yugo's the grenade launching type? And if so, do you have the gas system turned off? Check the plunger that goes in at the front of the gas tube and make sure the little plunger is in correctly. The gas system is cut off to launch grenades, just like the FAL. :D

March 11, 2002, 18:52
USMC326 nailed it --From experience:lube on the piston within the gas tube will cause exactly what you're experiencing --it is supposed to run dry. Could be gunked up from storage -- it's an easy fix

March 12, 2002, 21:21
Check the chamber, I got one and the chamber was rusty, polished it out and it works fine.