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February 17, 2002, 13:01
My son and I went to a fairly small show yesterday morning that usually yields good results for C&R items. This one was no exception. While unloading the trusty Kia, my son spotted a gentleman carrying what, at a distance, looked like a M-91 MN. I took out a Czech 98/22 that we picked up over Thanksgiving at AIM and we walked over to him. Jimmy asked how much he was asking for the MN. He spotted the 98/22 and said, "I'll trade you this for that". It was a done deal :D .
The MN turned out to be a 1937 91/30 with all soviet markings remaining in a Finn wartime stock with Sako cartouches. Other than a few compression dings, wood is near excellent. It has the wire sling bails. Of course, all matching with, say 98% blue and a mirror bore. Considering that I had $60 in the 98/22, I think this one was a deal. ;)
When we made it inside, I found one of the Ocala Armory M-38's with the dog collar sling and ammo pouch for $130. I figure that I saved the $10 shipping from AIM. It was VG+ wood (has some character) with the arsenal refurb, all matching metal in the original box. Seller was a friend who ordered two and kept the one he wanted. He said it was worth eating the shipping on this one to handpick from the two.
It was a good day...good rifles, great weather and most importantly, getting to spend the day at a gun show with my son! :)

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February 17, 2002, 13:06
Making out like a bandit again as usual.

February 17, 2002, 13:09
I can't believe that no one would even look at the 91/30. The guy said that some old man offered him $25 for it and that there was no other interest inside. It made us happy campers!

Crazy Ivan
February 17, 2002, 21:13
Cool! Those Finn captures are the best of the Russian made M91-30's. Was it a Hex?

February 17, 2002, 21:28
No, surprisingly it was a round.