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June 16, 2012, 14:25
Before we get started I must make sure to state that according to the Internet I am a lousy rifle shot. So please understand targets and such are presented exactly as they actually happened, and I understand 75% of people reading this will be muttering, "yeah, I'm waaaay better than that!" quietly to themselves. Is OK. :p

Finally, finally, I had all the elements together, rifle, scope, ammo, gear guard buddy, :bigangel:


...new steel target, (code named Thugly), and the brand new stand that my featured buddy LAGS made for me. The target is the 1/2 scale IDPA target from http://www.targetsfromus.com/ in 3/8" AR-500 steel. The target stand is bent conduit tubing with drilled mountings for chain and hooks.

After getting the scope sighted in, Thugly was set up at the recommended 100 yards.


This picture shows how flat photos and even eyes on scene can deceive. The target sits at 100 yards, the berm behind it is 200 yards, and the berm behind that one is 300 yards. Due to crowding on this Fathers Day weekend, we kept it at 100 yards this time.

I didn't have my tripod, so no pictures of me shooting, but I did get some nice ones of LAGS.



That SA vz-58 5.56mm from Czechpoint, http://www.czechpoint-usa.com/ really is one good looking and good shooting rifle.


How did this end? Can you see the unhappy face? :D


No deformation of the steel, no cracks, bends, breaks, or even minor pitting. Now one thing I hadn't counted on was swing...when 25 pounds gets swinging on a chain, you might want to let it slow down before you fire again, or you end up with this. Whoops.


Another thing I wasn't expecting, but logically I certainly should have, was the spraying lead all over the target stand and supports. Oh well. I also failed to bring a can of spray paint - off to the hardware store soon for that!

All in all it was nice to be able to finally shoot steel, and the solid "bong" from downrange was satisfying. The target was fired on at 100 yards from a standing position. Next I'll drop it back to 200 yards and see what happens. :cool:

I also bought this new Barska scope to try with the dismountable short rail scope mount, and there I was...


Ready to go, rifle, scope, adjustment tool, (Leatherman), and custom made precision, (kaff, kaff!), ammo.

I figured it would be quick...no, no it wasn't. That scope was WAY off zero, and the vertical adjustment knob has no "click", but the horizontal does. I will see next time if this lack of positive click means it won't hold zero over time. Hope not.

But once it was on, it was on pretty decent. Here is one target with 2, 3 shot groups.


I could've left them alone, "See, two almost identical groups!" but that would be lying, like an Internet Kommando, (Seriously, that was at 1000 yards standing, blindfolded!!!). So it's two nice, (to me), 2 shot groups with a flyer each. Groups weren't on top of each other because I was starting to get hot out there. One group is identified with triangle around them. I got 2" all day long off the front rest with handloads. Considering I was warned this would be a 4 MOA rifle, I am eminently satisfied!

I had a WEIRD jam, odd as this rifle really doesn't jam. The bolt failed to fully extract the empty, and tried to load another. The live round bounced off the still partially chambered empty, and slammed nose first into the receiver wall just below the barrel. The ejected loaded round was hard to ID right away after it was cleared, because the bullet had been jammed completely inside the brass, and the brass neck folded over it. Clearing took a second to drop the mag and cycle the bolt. I'll keep an eye out to see if this happens again.

LAGS also attempted his new "anti aircraft" style of fire, but since no allowable targets presented themselves, he was forced to desist. Just kidding.


LAGS made two stands for Thugly, a spare if I puncture the first one, (you never know, I put a 9mm slug into the bottom stand today while test firing new sights at 100 yards), and the work was well done, thank you, amigo! He may be making a complete stand later, but it's nice to have more than just wood I can put into this Target Meister base.
Ya know something, a good day begins like this. :)

L Haney
June 16, 2012, 18:05
Any day at the range beats the hell out of one at work. :bow:

One small suggestion. Get you a beach towel with good thick terrycloth. Fold it into thirds and put it on that concrete bench where your elbows and forearms are. It makes a world of difference in how comfortable the surface is. I tried carpet scraps but it just ain't as good.