View Full Version : FN49 Outlook??

Mad Dog 7.62
March 04, 2002, 06:07
Several years ago, when I had my Type I FFL, FN49's in 8mm were readily available. Anybody have any insight as to whether there might be more out there that will become available in the future??

March 04, 2002, 08:24
I would bet that what is here is here. They used to be a dime a dozen, but now pretty scarce. Last time I checked there was one here in Albuquerque.

I got a email a while back from a guy that was trying to import some Belgian (sp) FN-49's as C&R's, but could not as they were all sear cut.


March 04, 2002, 09:08
I talked about the potential future availability of FN49s in my Survey Summary post which is "topped" in this forum. It's down near the end of the post . . .
The bottom line, though, is that nearly 20,000 Egyptian contract FN-49s were imported in the late 1980s and that is why they were so common a while back. You saw them in Century's catalog, in dealers racks, and on tables at the gun shows. Now, more than 10 years later, those rifles have been completely absorbed into the market and only become "available" when someone decides to sell their personal rifle.

No telling if Egypt has any left but it's probably doubtful - so the only "supply" of 8mms is already here.