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Mad Dog 7.62
March 03, 2002, 06:37
I just got a C&R...I'm seeing not so complmentary things here about SOG. About 7 or 8 years ago, I had a Type I FFL and ordered from them all the time...they were one of the best wholesalers I dealt with. Have things changed drastically?? :confused:

March 03, 2002, 09:43
I deal with them all the time and they have been great.

Gun owners tend to bitch a lot. OCD and all that seems to run in the tribe.

March 03, 2002, 10:05
i have good service with sog, i usually get my orders shipped same day if the have it in stock and its at my house in 2 days. cant complaine. now lets hope i didnt jinks my self, im going order one of the high powers tommarow. Ronald

March 03, 2002, 10:08
I haven't had a problem with them, other than the termite Port battlepacks. They quickly fixed that problem, so I have no complaints. Every firearm that I ordered from them has either been as or better than expected.

March 03, 2002, 15:07
I've had my C&R for about 7 years (renewed twice) as I recall. I dealt with SOG years ago and they were great. This last time, however, they cancelled my order (claimed my renewal had not arrived though I mailed them out to everyone at the same time). I sent another, placed the order again a week later, they cancelled it again. They finally found it in their inbox, I placed the order again. They messed up and forgot that the K-31 (Schmidt-Rubin) was supposed to be a handpick and sent me a beat up one (they didn't charge the handpick either). The supposed "excellent, unissued" Beretta 1934 that was "worth $475 in the standard catalog of firearms" was an arsenal refinish with lousy grips and a blued over pitted bore... I'll probably try them again in a few years when they've had a chance to fix their customer service and address the honesty issue about their ads.

March 03, 2002, 19:01
I've gotten a couple of c&rs from them without incident.

March 04, 2002, 15:13
Hell SOG sent me the wrong Guns. The add said they were in great shape. Mine came and were junk with no shipping list. Took time to order a replacement packing list -- they will not talk to u without one. Then they offered to refund $70.00 a gun due to their sending the wrong ones. But check had to go back to FFL address. after it went throught trhee different buildings to get the signature. I still have not received any money. I am getting ready to have my attorney try. Talked to others who say they take forever to send any money back if they ever do.
I have put them in the same as IO. Use any one else but. Aim usally has the same items and they are great to deal with.

March 04, 2002, 15:48
I've only bought a Turk M38 and Ballester Molina, both within the last couple of months. Both have been as advertised and shipped promptly. The Turk is really a beaut. Hardly a significant sample but they've not done me wrong yet.


Blood of Tyrants
March 05, 2002, 13:32
I have had good results with them. Any gun I was not satisfied with I simply sent back and they credited my account with the cost of shipping.

Gonna get a K-31 from them soon, I hope.

March 05, 2002, 14:25
I have had mixed results from SOG. I haven't ordered from them many times though. Their grading seems to be hit or miss. Also they have things in their fliers that aren't in stock so call when you make your order. Overall I would deal with them again but they sure aren't my first choice.

March 05, 2002, 15:53
Blood... Just got a K-31 from AIM and it is much, much better than the one I got from SOG that I complained about a few posts above. You may want to consider getting it from AIM if condition is a criteria for you.

Cool rifles! The bolt is a work of art.

Blood of Tyrants
March 05, 2002, 16:55
Shooter grade or select grade?

I got a Yugo SKS from SOG and paid the $10 hand select. It was 95% blue, shiny bore, excellent wood, and all matching S/N's. I felt that it was as good as the rifle that other companies were advertising for $250.

March 05, 2002, 17:10
I've always had excellent results from SOG.

March 05, 2002, 17:33
Blood... as I commented above SOG forgot to do the handselect I requested. What I got had 0% blue on the exposed barrel and front sight, 50% blue on the receiver, when I opened up the very beat-up, badly gouged stocks, they were actually cracked (both the upper handguard and the stock itself).

I went select with AIM and got > 95% blue, a handful of "steamable" dents in a very nice stock that I will most likely not refinish, just wax.

Maybe SOG's handpick would have been better but I couldn't deal with holding on the phone forever, unanswered emails, etc. any more...

Blood of Tyrants
March 05, 2002, 19:38
What I meant, was the AIM rifle the shooter or the select grade?

March 05, 2002, 20:06

My post above says "I went select with AIM" I apologize if the shorthand did not convey the message.

March 05, 2002, 23:55
Well Bill, I'm sorry to see you think we bitch a lot. As for me, I expect to be treated decently when I deal with a company. I don't like having to bend over and grab my ankles when I'm the one spending the money.

We are the little guys in this scheme. SOG and CAI aren't in it for the little guys. They deal in bulk. Why do you think everybody else sells CAI's stuff? They buy it by the trainload. They carry more clout than we do.

And, no, Bill, I'm not OCD, but then again, I'm not DABTL either... :D

I hope you know I'm just funnin' ya!

But for the record...CAI and SOG will both have to improve their customer service before I deal with them again.