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avenge usa
February 09, 2002, 18:47
a friend bought a kit gun, and a reciever, he has asked me to help him figure out how it all goes together, yup, i am drafted, so what i need is some type of parts diagram, and some type of assembly instructions, can anyone help me

February 09, 2002, 18:54
Email Goose52 for this kind of info. If anyone can help, he can. He's a good guy, and wouldn't mind.
Here is his email: fn49fan@earthlink.net

February 09, 2002, 20:00
Lots of information here:

February 09, 2002, 21:14
The Landry site quoted above is a good start.

I'll let you guys in on a little secret . . . A repo'd copy of the original FN manual is available at the below three links. The manual has been split into 3 Acrobat/PDF files. The file sizes are 60K for the Table of Contents, 566K for the "a" file, 1.2Meg for the "b" file:

I'm assuming that this is now public domain data and that there are no copyright issues related to this . . . :eek:


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