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May 07, 2012, 09:12
My Dr 200 had a really gritty feel to it at the very last bit of travel. I felt like i could improve it without dropping the cash on an ar 15 trigger kit. So i removed my trigger parts and found that the parkerizing had mostly worn through on the mating surfaces. I also found that on the front of the trigger where it engages the hammer notch there were several horizontal lines at the top of the engagement point. I felt like these tiny lines were probably the source of my gritty trigger. I used a dab of Maas fine polishing compound on all of the mating surfaces including the sides of the parts where the pins go through i then buffed these surfaces until smooth bright and shining. I degreased all of my parts and springs and added a touch of shooters choice hi tech grease to these mating surfaces. Including inside the holes where the parkerized pins insert through (as i figured that these parts too may be causing some level of resistance. I then re-assembled the trigger group into my woo and wiped off any excess grease that had pushed out of the parts and applied a little oil in the trigger group parts to "oil in" the grease. I pushed the hammer down and closed her up ccocked the rifle WITH NO MAG INSERTED and proceded to squeez the trigger and to my surprise there was 0 grit and the trigger "broke like glass"! I cant wait untill tomorrow to try her at the range!!!! This trigger feels Great now and actually feels better than my buddy's remington 700 adjusted down to 3 lbs!!!! Now be fore warned i was very careful to NOT change any angles nor round off any edges with my polishing and buffing *so do this at your own risk*

May 07, 2012, 09:58
Interesting in that I have described the trigger on my WOO the exact same way..
"GRITTY" but otherwise pretty good.. Been thinking about taking it apart and cleaning all the parts then lubing them similar to how you describe.. My thoughts where that the finish on the trigger parts might be causing this gritty feel..
Since my WOO upper is out for mods this would be the perfect time to clean up that trigger..

Any chance you took some PICS?

May 07, 2012, 11:40
NO sir i didnt. My only digital camera is my iphone and i can never get the lighting right for good pics. I didnt polish away the horizontal lines on the front of the trigger mechanism i just smoothed them enough so i couldnt feel them. I believe the parkerizing being such a rough surface as compaired to a blued part is part way to blame as well. Where it had worn partialy through on the mating surfaces i polished the rest of the way off so it was a smooth surface. If you look at the parts before you remove the 2 pins you will see there is only 1 way for them to fit into the rifle and work. When you open the 2 halves put finger on face of hammer and pull trigger to let off the spring pressire without dinging your reciever with hammer. It was very easy to do and i had the parts out cleaned polished and buffed in less than half an hour figuring i would only polish minimaly and would check function and continue as needed. I believe The grease on the pins helped alot too because of the 2 parked surfaces rubbing each other Has to cause unneeded friction

May 07, 2012, 16:27
I hope the Koreans do more than surface harden their fire control parts.

As the AR-15 parts are anyway.
Or, so I've heard.

May 07, 2012, 17:21
I hope the Koreans do more than surface harden their fire control parts.

As the AR-15 parts are anyway.
Or, so I've heard.
Surface hardening is typically .020 deep or so, it would take a lot of polishing to get through the hardened layer. Now, if he's polishing with a grinding wheel, then all bets are off ;)


May 07, 2012, 18:28
no polishing with grinding wheel!!!! i used the MAAS fine polishing compound for all metals. basicly jewlers rouge applied with soft cloth and rubbed and rubbed and rubbed then buffed lightly with jewlry polishing cloth. if i would have used anything anymore abrasive i would have used 1000 to 2000 grit wet/dry sand paper. but it was not needed mostly all i removed was the wearing parkerizing on the mating surfaces

May 07, 2012, 20:03
Took everything apart and cleaned it first in case there was some trash in there from when it was built?..

Next I very lightly stoned both flat sides of the disconnector on my fine India stone (knife sharpener).. Used plenty of oil and just made a few figure eights on the stone..
Then I used some JB Bore paste on the axis holes, and very lightly hit the pivot points of the pins with scotch bright..

Hosed everything down w/brake wash, blew it off w/compressed air, then lightly oiled all the parts..
Applied some gun grease to the pins, and axis holes then re-assembled.
At this point I applied a couple small dabs of GUNSLICK and then worked the trigger a number of times..

Since I know the angles and such are really important this was about as much as I felt comfortable doing..

While it aint "perfect" it is very much improved and for now I'll leave it as is. Definitely a notable difference in the gritty feeling.. Thinking some actual use/shooting may make it even better and as soon as my upper gets back I'll make that happen..

It's so easy to take apart if'n I decide to do more later it aint nuthin but a thing..

Thanks for the tips... :beer:

May 09, 2012, 06:42
Well i am very happy with the results of my poor mans trigger job. The visit to the range today was the best i ever shot my daewoo. It did take a couple of shots for me to retrain my trigger finger to the new crisp smooth pull. The first couple of shots were a big suprise to me because i was looking for the gritty resistance that i was used to finding at the end of trigger travel. So here is my hundred yard target. I was sighting in my el cheapo simmons 3x9x32 rimfire scope aswell so there are a couple of 2 and 3 shot groups here. I jerked on a couple shots as you can see. I am very pleased with the results. The squares are 1"x1". Also i was Using my range bag as a prop


May 09, 2012, 21:04
Looks like it's workin just fine... :beer:

OK so while I did note some improvement I'm not really pleased with my results.. I re-read your post and decided to tinker some more.. After dis-assembly and cleaning (again) I did note the roughness (ridges if you will) on the hammers ledge.. With my trusty dremel, a cotton tip and some rouge I polished the ledge and the contact points on the trigger.. Applied gunslick again and put it back together..
It not only looks better but it is smoother and for now I'll stop here..

My thoughts are I would see/notice even more improvement "IF" I was comfortable trying my hand with a stone and jig but I am not..
This is something best left to an experienced trigger guy and that aint me..
Maybe after some shooting I'll be pleased but if not I guess I'll send it off..

May 09, 2012, 23:05
i think you will be pleased, because that is all thi did. i too am wary of taking too much or going too far and getting doubeling or trippeling or worse!!! so i went a lil at a time and fitted into reciever and tried a couple of times before i decided that is enough. i really have improved this rifle in my opinion. and with a little more time i should be able to get sub 2moa possibly 1 moa. this thing is alot more accurate than i am it seems.