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May 04, 2012, 00:14
I have been shpping for a new .45. Settled on a Glock 21 with night sights, used for 450. Im an old guy to whom .45 means 1911. Was gonna go with XD Springer but couldn't beat the price and accessories of a one-owner Block. And the Block reputation with about every cop Ive known... Am having a bit of Buyer's Remorse even tho I don't pick up the thing until Friday afternoon and leave on a short camping "expedition" in the mtns. (With 2 wimmins and a boy it's ALWAYS a multi-vehicle "expedition").
Anyways I hope I didnt shoot myself in the foot (so to speak) getting this Glock because the firearm budget is well and truly reamed for the foreseeable future! I still have Papa Browning's Dream so all is not lost if Mr Glock's wet-dream proves not to my liking. Should I be feeling Buyer's Remorse?

On a sadder note, this is the first camp we've done since Mom passed to Glory and we will feel the loss of her presence acutely.... Mom loved camping!

May 04, 2012, 02:01
A good gun. Large but not too heavy. Too big to carry concealed. Felt recoil is soft compared to 1911. Like all Glocks, it goes bang every time. You wont be sorry.

May 04, 2012, 09:01
We carry them for duty guns. Accurate easy to shoot well and accurate mags are cheep too.

May 04, 2012, 09:30
Pretty guns are the ones you show to your friends.
Ugly guns are the ones you show to your enemies.

That Glock will do everything you could ever ask a serious defensive handgun to do.
That thing will either drain your wallet on ammo costs, or have you at the chiropractor from bending over to recover spent brass for reloading.
But at least if you are shooting the Glock instead of the 1911, you won't come home with shell-casing marks on your forehead.

Guns are cheap.
I mean really cheap.
Even $450 used Glocks.
Its ammo, and your time spent going to the range and messing with guns, that's truly expensive.

You did a bad thing.
I don't think you are sufficiently remorseful.
You should feel really bad about what you did.

May 04, 2012, 09:48
If you really want to impress some bad guy.......get the 50.GI conversion kit.

It would be like getting hit by a car if one of those things hit you. :)


May 04, 2012, 11:43
The G21 is our PD's issued duty gun and I love mine. I also concealed carry it in a Sparks VM-2 with oversize, baggy shirts.

The G21 grip is larger than the 1911s, which is the gun I used prior to joining the my current PD. With some time on the trigger you will be able to adjust. With more rounds through it, the trigger gets better and better. I have not done anything to mine except run it,clean and lube it.

It is accurate, reliable and chambered in 45 with 13+1 capacity...all win.

May 04, 2012, 18:46
W.E.G sez:
You did a bad thing.
I don't think you are sufficiently remorseful.
You should feel really bad about what you did

I sez: Boy-howdy you arent lyin! The Old Woman gave me the business when I got it home!

May 04, 2012, 18:47
You see...

Like I said, you should not show ugly guns to your friends.

May 04, 2012, 22:38
You won't be unhappy with the G21...


May 05, 2012, 10:33
I love my G20 / G21. I bought is a G20 and ended up getting a G21 top half to go with it. I like my 1911s a whole lot, but I have found the Glock is a lot easier on my hands when I have to put a lot of rounds down range in a short amount of time (like a 2 day shooting class). I've never had it fail on me. I have an XD that I inherited, and while it is every bit as reliable as the G21 and a good choice for a carry pistol, I just don't care much for the long trigger pull and reset.

May 05, 2012, 16:44
+1 on all the positives on the Glock 21, mine(21sf) is my everyday duty gun with a g30 as a back-up. Like WEG said, it will do everything you ask of a defensive handgun...and more. Very good choice.

May 15, 2012, 14:32
Any update on your selection??

May 16, 2012, 02:28
Update: No targets to post but in informal shooting I like it. All 14! rounds... It is a large and somewhat heavy pistol yet I like the ergos. It carries in my flap holster very well and is balanced by the two-mag pouch and Kabar on the left hip. It feels better in the hand than the full-size 1911- heresy I realise- and like the 1911 the recoil springs can be "upped" for heavier loads. I'd like to get a 10mm for bear meds, having been talked out of trying to "up" the .45 to a 10mm.

May 16, 2012, 08:31
I find the G21 to be much more accurate than expected.

May 17, 2012, 11:24
I have a G21 and like it, but the G30 is the one I always grab.

The smaller Glock just feels better.