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Redneck Rob
April 10, 2012, 10:00
I took them both to our local gun club to shoot on Sunday. I forgot my targets so I had to shoot the steel swings and drops. Not only was the PPQ new to me but I shot the 180 grn 40S&W for the first time.

I started off with the P250 first. 165 grn.fmj for a known recoil. Then the 180 grn.fmj in the next mag. To me, the 165 grn has more of a snap than the 180 grn. had. When the 165 grn. hit the swing plates, they went right on around. When the 180 grn. hit, they would zip around REALLY FAST and kinda bounch back a little. I think I'll upgrade to the 180s as a carry round....

Next up was the PPQ in 9mm. I have alot of 115 grn. for range fun time. The trigger is VERY LITE compared to the P250. Lets just say I'm very glad there is a back stop there......
The 115 grn was not much on swinging the steel plates but did make a nice ring.The recoil is very easy to deal with. The mag release will take a little getting use to but with time I feel it will become second nature. After a few hours of "in my hand" training drills, I'll have everything down pat. I think I'm going up to the 124 grn. weight if I'm going to carry it. Maybe even the 147 grn. It really is a sweet shooter.

As is to be expected, they both performed flawless. They both felt real good in my hands. The Sig is a Med. grip and the Walther has the small ( I tried all three ) back strap on it.

The only problem, to me, was the night sights on the Sig was not as easy to see as was the white paint on the Walther. The up/downside of that is the Sig can be seen at night whereas the Walther won't.


The PPQ has a plastic recoil guide rod that will be replaced with a steel one. I'll put night sights on it, get a good holster and at least one more mag.
The P250 will get 180 grn. 40 S&W ammo. I already have Ranger T in 357 SIG and a good holster so it's almost good to go as a complete package.

April 10, 2012, 16:33
Congrats. Had a full size P250 also in 40. I actually really liked the smooth, if long pull. The 4.7 in barrel was damned accurate too. Dad begged me to sell it to him, otherwise I'd still have it. Exceptional gun for the price. At least it's still in the family.