View Full Version : Remington 1148? Is it worth keeping?

March 31, 2012, 00:42
I have a Remington 1148 12ga. It has a 33 inch barrel with modified choke. Never been a bird hunter. Took a turkey once about 17 years ago but used a rifle.

Is it worth anything? Is it worth keeping? It has minor storage wear but is in good shape.

Any an all advice appreciated.



March 31, 2012, 00:53
Hell yes it is worth something, especially to a Bird Hunter - are you sure it isn't a 32 " Barrel ?

March 31, 2012, 08:10
32 inch would be a turkey or goose barrel. you can buy a 26_28" for birds. Dont cut down that barrel.

I would keep it the new ones arnt usa made.

yeah its worth $4-600 but im no xpert.

April 01, 2012, 00:43
Yes it is a 32 inch barrel.

It's starting to sound like a AAA gun.....:biggrin:

Thanks for the info...


April 01, 2012, 09:32
Keep it. Even if you don't shoot it, and don't have a use for it, any old Remington shotgun is a treasure.

Or, send it to me and I will keep it for you.

April 04, 2012, 20:43

I misrepresented the Remington. It is not a 32 inch barrel or modified choke. It is a 30 inch barrel with a full choke. I apologize.

I went with what I heard from my grandfather. I don't know if he didn't know (unlikely) or I thought he was describing this gun and he was describing another (most likely).

I apologize. I didn't verify before posting.:redface: