View Full Version : What can I get my for P239 SAS Gen 2?

March 08, 2012, 16:29
Hi guys,

I have a 9mm Sig P239 SAS Gen 2, with SRT, an extra mag, hard case, lock and Hogue grips (stock grips kept). Also have a nice Bianchi IWB holster that is very nice to carry. The gun has had maybe 200 rounds through it, but you'd never know it. Not a mark on it, and I cleaned it thoroughly every time I used it.

What do you think it would be worth at auction? Interested in trading or eventually getting a P229 in 9mm or .40 cal.

March 09, 2012, 09:39
Not really sure of the value but as I am sure you are checking as will I!
Do you have a price set in your mind that you would like to get for it?
I just might be interested in your 239....could you post pics here or pm me and I will gladly send you my email for you to send pics and price if you have decided on such......



March 10, 2012, 12:23
I buy a lot of weapon from gunbroker and they currently list new P239 SAS Generation 2 with SRT and night sights in the low 800s. Considering the upgraded grip and holster, and basically new condition, I would part with it for 725. The holster was 50 and the grips were 20.

If anyone is out there that wants to trade a P229 with night sights straight up I would consider it.

Please PM me for pictures. I am out of country but if there is interest I can ask my family to take some for me.