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March 08, 2012, 07:00
I dont know if i was the first to figure out that FAL handguards would fit a daewoo but im pretty sure i was the first to post pics of doing it way back in 2000. not looking for glory but i also toyed with the idea of putting a 37mm "flare" launcher on it .. heck why not go all out


I need to whittle a aluminum block to fill the space where the launcher meets the mag well

no, its not a folder (stock) , if they had that back then in ban era i didnt order one.

I cut the inside of the bipod legs so it clears the launcher. the bipod DOES close. it barely clears the launcher. I did not neuter the pads completely

those thin metal handguards can heat up quickly so i put some heat padding for car exhaust in them, i did not wrap the barrel just kinda stuffed in there

Think outside the box !! long live the WOO

black sheep
March 08, 2012, 16:21
Very cool........:cool:

March 09, 2012, 15:27
Gotta love a 37mm....I was just wondering, did you take off the trigger gaurd on the launcher because the magazine wouldn't clear? I'm assuming it is a Cobray launcher..did the standard mounting brackets work on the Woo barrel?