View Full Version : Can U hunt pigs with a 12 ga and 00?

March 03, 2012, 16:59
I'm not a hunter but if I was I would hunt feral pigs. Is 12 ga with 00 effective on pigs or are you better off shooting them with a rifel such as .308 or -06?

If there is a group of pigs, and you shoot one, what if the rest of the group charges? Zerging hunters might be an effective pig strategy if they would do it. Then the hunters would need crew served weapons to bust up the pig charge.

Andy the Aussie
March 03, 2012, 17:22
I have shot LOTS of swine with 00 and 000 out here, mostly with an 870 (20 inch cyl choke) or a short 1100 (polychoke screwed tight). Both combos work just fine with the usual limitations of a 12ga (range and pattern density). I have never known a mod of pigs to "charge" deliberately, they will normally run from the threat the exceptions are generally if you are between a sow and her piglets or you get them backed into a "corner" and you happen to be occupying the only viable exit... ;) The usual cautions apply, but up close the 12ga will work for you.

Andy :)

March 03, 2012, 17:32
Thanks Andy. How much do the pigs weigh in general that you have shot with the 12 ga?

March 03, 2012, 17:37
Shot guns are limited in heavy under brush or thick forestation, Down here along the Brazos River where the feral hogs hide it is very dense underbrush.
High velocity silver tips seem to work well.

March 03, 2012, 17:58
use teh effayell rifel for teh pigz. get teh 180gr boolits and knock teh piggie in the dirt. They hate that. You can get them a long ways away too. I like teh pigs to be far away. They are mean.

March 03, 2012, 19:45
00 Buck and slugs work on all swine .......

four leg and two leg,

and when in doubt, shoot them again .......:biggrin:

March 03, 2012, 21:12
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/R6tHXznZLlQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Andy the Aussie
March 03, 2012, 21:29
Mebs, have shot all manner of sizes, some that ended up as a bloody smear in the dirt as a result of 000s and larger 80kg + that went down well enough, sometimes I used a follow up shot that was/was not required.... better safe than sorry etc... ;)

I do prefer a rifles for swine but that is only because many places I hunt offer a combination of long and short shots, obviously the 12ga was only good for the short... ;)

I did once give a big boar an instant dirt nap (as in from running full speed to a instant dusty landing) from one round of Win 00 at 75yds.... :eek: A clear fluke/anomaly but it impressed the crap outta the spectators.... :rofl:

March 03, 2012, 21:58
man it would be fun to have a saiga 12 with a drum on it in that helicopter

March 03, 2012, 22:25
Sure can.....

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/mizAHTt-iBk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>