View Full Version : CZ-52 light trigger safety issues

zombie hunter
February 19, 2012, 02:47
I have a CZ-52 with a suspiciously light trigger. I've read that some trigger jobs reduce the safety of the gun, although a safe trigger job is possible. How can I know if my CZ-52's trigger has been safely or unsafely lightened?

February 19, 2012, 21:25
I've used some of these >> http://www.harringtonproducts.com/firing-pins/

in my cz52's, the competition trigger makes a supurb 3 lb or less trigger pull.

I'd say they are very safe. It's pretty easy to take the firing pin out and look at it to see if it's an after market pin or not.

zombie hunter
February 20, 2012, 00:51
I compared the firing pin from the "light trigger" CZ-52 to a Czechpoint nearly-new "heavy trigger" CZ-52, and to the pictures of the Harrington Products firing pins. Both pistols have the same, original military style firing pins.

The "light trigger" pistol is definitely more worn. I haven't shot it, but I can tell the recoil spring is worn. I really can't imagine such a drastic difference being cause by "break-in". I don't have a trigger pull scale, but the "heavy" trigger could be >10lbs and the "light" trigger ~5lbs. That's why I'm so suspicious.