View Full Version : tz 75 pre 88 cz copy

February 14, 2012, 22:49
im looking for a new extractor and springs for a nice looking blue tz 75. it may only need extractor spring but i figure if i'm gonna pay shipping i may as well get a spare extractor and preferably a full spring kit. the gun is very accurate but it does not cycle worth a dang. it will only half extract when fired but does extract new rounds when hand cycled. the spent casing just sits on top of the round to be feed into chamber and thats it gotta drop mag and rack slide after almost every shot. i had a couple of higher powered rounds and they seemed to cycle and extract/eject fine. but the cheap plinking 115 grain ammo dosent do well. i hope to find a lighter recoil spring a new extractor and spring and mabey a new hammer spring just for fun..... any ideas on where i can find these thinks and or which cz springs/extractor will work on this fie tanfoglio tz75?????

February 14, 2012, 23:35
I'd try EAA, since their guns are Tangfolios.

February 15, 2012, 11:58
Current CZ-75 parts should work.

February 15, 2012, 15:48
Well i found the parts. Thanks guys The guy dosent want to spend 100 bucks for a new extractor, and all new springs. The gun will not fire 2 bullets in a row without jamming. O well. I told him id give him 100 for the gun as is. The extractor is about $50 and springs are about another 30 for everything from what websites i can find them on. 20 bucks labor. Couple bucks contingency in case a spring flies away That isnt unreasonable is it??

ok he now wants the repairs so nevermind...