View Full Version : SIG p 250 40 S&W / .357 Sig combo. UPDATE.

Redneck Rob
February 08, 2012, 11:59
I had one come home with me the other day. I first stopped at my cousins house and shot the 40 S&W barrel. The first group, mine, was 1" at 7 yards.The next two, my cousins, was around 3". The next group, me again, was 1". It shot point of aim for me but low for my cousins. Not bad for us shooting a P 250 for the first time.
After I got home I looked up reveiws on it. There are more Pros than Cons it seems. If you have time with a Revolver and can shoot it double action, you'll have no problems with the P 250. I grew up shooting a Mod 10 so I had no probs. unlike I did when I first bought a 1911.
I think my wife will be more comfortable with this than my other magazine pistols. We will see....
I like being able to change the Receiver housing out for whatever the reason.
I was worried about the plastic cracking but not now.
I have not shot the 357 Sig barrel yet so I won't comment about it till I do.
Ditto on the night sights as well.
Over all, so far, I'm happy with it.
$ 524.18 out the door with 1 box of 40 S&W and 1 box of 357 Sig.

February 08, 2012, 18:12
I like the IDEA of an adaptable chameleon of a multi-purpose, multi-caliber semi-auto.
I've admired the double-action only light trigger pull(I like it anyway) of the SIG 250.

I can certainly see the logic of buying one if you live somewhere where you are limited to ONE ? pistol.

But, I have been through the same thing with Thompson Contender pistols.
I still have a couple of them and a drawer full of Thompson odd-ends that rarely see use.

That is mostly why I've resisted the SIG.

Plus, where I live, I can buy other pistols in different configurations and NOT have to have another drawer full of SIG odd-ends that still don't change the fact you have ONE pistol.

But the SIG 250 is still a pretty nice piece. Enjoy.

February 08, 2012, 21:02
Excellent mid level pistol IMO. It's been one of our #1 sellers at the shop in the last year or so. We've sold at least 30 and most have been shot at our indoor range with many satisfied customers. Most shoot .40 at the range and carry with .357 self defense rounds. May have to get one for myself before we sell out of our last batch.

Redneck Rob
February 12, 2012, 21:22
Bykerhd, I live in Mississippi. I can have as many of whatever kind I want and I do. Fully auto as well. If I ever want any.

I had the chance to shoot the .357 Sig today. It, to me, is a weak recoil round compared to the 40 S&W. It still shot point of aim for me. Another 1" group. My cousins were still low and wide. It felt, to me, like a 9mm NATO round. I was rather fearfull after reading that it was a heavy recoiling round but found out different.

I had read that you need to run them wet so I greased it up with some MilTec that I have. Maybe that was the difference in the way it shot ?

The night sights are strong even in dim light. In low light, they are very bright.

I'm going to use the 40 S&W as my main round, in this pistol, and the .357 Sig as a back up.

I had my heart set on the Walther PPQ till I bought this Sig. Now I'm not so sure...........for now anyway.

February 16, 2012, 17:26
Great idea on the two calibers, I have a SIG 226 in .40 s&w with a .357 SIG barrel, and absolutely love it.:)