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February 07, 2012, 18:26
Never thought much about reincarnation or such matters. Or one's spirit being passed on to another form. Can't say I believe, or don't believe. That being said, the following two instances have happened to me recently.
My best friend & neighbor, and a WWII Marine vet, passed away last year. I posted about it here at the time. He once owned all the land that the subdivision where I live is on. He and his wife lived sort of behind where I do in a small white country farmhouse, with lots of fruit & pecan trees in his yard. He hated crows, squirrels, and any other critters that would steal or damage his trees or just simply made a pest of themselves. I could often hear him shooting off his back porch with his old single barrel 12 gauge, and say to myself "Wade's shootin' crows & squirrels again". Of course, I'd lend a hand all I could. When mowing grass in the summertime, we'd often park our mowers under a pecan tree behind my house & sit & talk while we rested & cooled off. I miss those days dearly. On to the two instances mentioned above. Not long after Wade passed away, I decided to take the Harley for a short ride one evening. Rode out to the end of the road into our neighborhood to the main highway. This was right beside Wade's house. As I pulled up to the stop sign to turn onto the highway, I noticed a large hawk sitting on a power line in Wade's yard. It was like he was looking for something or guarding the property. For whatever reason, I looked up at that big beautiful bird just above me, and spoke out loud "Let's ride, Wade". As I pulled out, to my amazement, the hawk flew off of the power line, and flew down right beside me for about 1/4 mile to where I was going to turn onto another road, which was also the other side of Wade's property. There, he flew up to another power line and continued his watch as I rode on.
This morning as I took my dog outside for a walk, I noticed someone had ran over a rabbit during the night. Being in front of my neighbor's house, I picked it up and was going to pitch it over into the pasture (Wade's) behind my house for the foxes or whatever....I knew something would eat it. Well, in the top of the pecan tree where we used to park and talk when mowing, sat the hawk. Again, for whatever reason, I held the rabbit up and spoke out loud "Here Wade" as I walked toward the fence. Would you believe that hawk came straight at me as if he was going to take that rabbit?? He then turned and flew down to Wade's house before I lost sight of him. I pitched the rabbit over into the pasture & walked back to the house...........

February 08, 2012, 08:00
Pretty weird story and strange behavior for a Hawk. I don't believe in reincarnation, howsomever stuff like this makes you wonder.

February 08, 2012, 13:29
Cool story. I think what you have is a case of a very intelligent hawk. Birds are extremely smart animals and I imagine they have perceptions and knowledge that scientists are as yet unaware of. Also, never underestimate the power of a free meal to an animal. Sounds like you and Wade provided many of those over the years.:)

February 08, 2012, 13:49
That's awesome, I love hawks, heck any bird of prey...I can remember flying in between cloud layers one day, say around 7 thousand, and saw a hawk just cruising along, we kinda met eyes as we passed, and I always thought to myself, where was he going, and how did he know where he was up there?...that being said, I have seen birds get territorial, had some pesky BlueJays nest over our clothes line one year, would attack if you walked to the line...I believe a single shot remedied that issue as well...Have seen owls do the same thing, one big one down the road would swoop across your car hood at night all the time, like he was pissed at you or something, kinda scared the crap out of you the first couple times, big owl coming right through the dark into your headlights like that :eek:.. If reincarnation is real, maybe he like my father and, well me too , wanted to come back so he could fly, like ... well, a hawk...LOL... :bigangel:

February 09, 2012, 11:20
metalreptile , you have a new friend... respect the same as you would the old one .


one hand clapping
February 09, 2012, 11:40
When I studied with a Senior Seneca medicne woman, she taught me about the different gifts and omens that all cratures,winged ones and the creepy crawlys bring with them to us in our moment of need. It is up to the individual to have presence of mind and being ,to receive the gift and hear the message.
For anyone who suspects that I speak the truth on this ,I recomend a book / set of "medicine cards" from Jammie Sans. called "the medicine wheel"
The cards are secondary to the info about the animal spirits and their attributes. If there is a touchy feely "new age " book store or "healing Natural foods " store in yer AO,you might find them there.
Metalreptile- I DO believe the spirit of your friend was saying "hi", and affirming our eternal spirits.
Next time you are visited by "hawk " ask if it is your friend--, learn what hawk brings[ good vision in the situation,etc]

There's alot our predicessors of all species can teach us, If we are open to learn.
The ancients say we learned to live here from the animals. And if not for them, early man would have perished. Remember the stories of men raised by wolves? Just metaphor ?
I say good for you , for noticing .


February 09, 2012, 14:36
I was about to make a comment similar to OHC's
Maybe you are part injun and in sync with the "Great Spirit",,, lots of Peregrine Falcons where I live but they keep their distance.

February 09, 2012, 21:24
Could have been two different birds, but it sure does hold a lot of meaning for me. I can kinda understand the Hawk coming down towards me when I was offering the rabbit, but the motorcycle incident really blew my mind. That Hawk came down as soon as I spoke & started my turn, and flew right beside me.......not more than 10-20 yards away, if that.......flew exactly the length of Wade's property, and then flew up and sat on the power line & watched me ride on. That bird definitely has my respect & I'll forever look for him every time I go out. Wade taught me a lot in the years I knew him. Maybe, just maybe, he's still teaching........

February 10, 2012, 14:55
If Wade likes rabbit he may hang around,, you may be onto something transcendentaly metaphysical here.

February 10, 2012, 21:11
Hawks are amazing. When I'm mowing pastures in the spring, they will follow the tractor looking for mice or bunnies. They know the sound of the mower means chow-time.