View Full Version : Anyone ever have the "contactor chop" done to their Daewoo?

February 02, 2012, 18:43
Daewoo Rifle Parts offers their "Contactor chop" to brign the gun down pretty short with a shortened gas tube and barrel, has anyone ever had this service done?

I am in a non-SBR state, but my understanding is that they will do the chop and permanently pin a flash hider on to bring it up to a legal 16.1" until you can SBR later.

Any input, picutres, or thoughts would be appreciated!

February 02, 2012, 20:52
Check this thread out


February 02, 2012, 21:59
pics from DRPs GB auctions:


February 03, 2012, 08:58
Already seen the pics of the 16" in the other thread (not really what I was looking for, looking for the chopped gas system) and also have seen the pics on gunbroker of the DRP work, but thanks anyhow.

I was actaully looking for personal experiences on this.

Maybe just having Moses do a 14.5" perma pin is the better way to go - cheaper and doesn't muck with the gas system....

February 03, 2012, 22:32
I was wondering if anybody would be interested in starting a group buy for a 3.5" gas piston for the Daewoo K2/DR200 from CNC Warrior since they make the US made gas piston already.
Then I could have a local gunsmith cut my barrel and everything else. :)